Star Wars - Fires of Rebellion

A Favor for a Friend, Part 3


The Team fled N’zoth incredulous of their discovery of the Sith temple and the encounter within, weary of their reunion with Kip Salvo, and stupefied after witnessing the destruction of the Nimble Mind. The myriad emotions had to wait, however, as the Sequorian I (piloted by Karreal Case (Lt, RA), with Gand and Raara as crew), the Gyft (piloted by Kip, with Dan Sear and Crix Vane manning the guns), and FAE (with M@-33 latched on tight) were all being pursued by a host of TIE Fighters. FAE veered off and fired the first shots of the encounter, as she destroys one TIE, and M@ assisted her by locating a bad motivator in another TIE and causing it to clip another TIE as it went down. Kos was able to slice into a cluster of TIE Fighters and lower their shields, opening a window for Dan Sear to fire upon the cluster and destroy several of the Fighters. The TIE Fighters were able to regroup, though, and they targeted their initial volley at the Gyft land the destruction left it powerless and floating through space. The TIEs then focus fire on the Sequorian and on FAE, with the Sequorian able to barely withstand the damage taken, but FAE is left incapacitated by a uniquely shaped TIE Fighter with curved wings.

The Team regrouped, knowing they were no match for the TIE Fighters, and determined immediate retreat was their only viable option. Kip frustratingly slammed his hands on the power controls of the Gyft and suddenly she jumped back to life, while M@ was able to get FAE back online and tap into the M@ Hive Mind to plot a course for the group to take out of the engagement. Since FAE was not equipped with a hyperdrive, she piloted herself over to the Gyft to latch on to the Gyft’s harness to be carried by the Gyft’s hyperdrive. Crix exited the Gyft to attempt to secure FAE into the harness, however he accidentally hit the emergency release and the entire harness, with FAE already attached, detached from the Gyft and began to float away from the Gyft. Kip saw the mishap and quickly navigate the Gyft back in to position over FAE and Dan Sear was able to assist Crix in getting both the harness and FAE securely fastened to the Gyft. As soon as everyone was locked in to place the Sequorian and the Gyft jumped to light speed and headed towards the Borealis system.

Once the Team left hyperspace they all gathered together on the Gyft to determine their plan of action. So far they had not had any luck locating Dan Sear’s parents and they knew they were running out of town. Dan Sear was at a loss, however Kip had linked with Sear while at the SIth Temple so he had an idea that he could try to tap back in to Sear’s mind and see if he could uncover any clues. With Sear’s permission, Kip searched Sear’s mind and found information on the Bakura Imperial prison which was nearby and the only place the Empire could have taken Sear’s parents.

Before deciding on their next move, the Team knew they needed to comm General Tantor to let him know about the destruction of the Nimble Mind and inform him of their current mission to rescue Dan Sear’s parents. General Tantor asked for the coordinates of the Nimble Mind’s remains so that he could send a team out to search for survivors or salvageable materials. He then requested the Team to report back to him at Polas Massa Base, but Kos told him they had something they needed to do first before reporting back and then ended the link.

M@-33 did an intel search to learn more about the Bakura Imperial Prison and the team is dismayed to learn that it is a heavily guarded prison with few infiltration options; none of those options being particularly realistic without being discovered. Additionally, they learned that this prison was a location the Imperials used to detain political persons and conduct interrogations. They discussed the potential for freeing additional assets from the prison as part of the rescue mission to find Sear’s parents. Due to this new information, the team decided that perhaps a mission of this level of import should be planned out and coordinated more carefully and returning to Polas Massa for reinforcements was the best move at that time. Just as they all settled on this decision, the Team heard the roar of the Sequorian’s engines and are able to glimpse out the window of the Gyft just in time to see it start to head in the direction of Bakura. They looked around and were unsurprised to find that Dan Sear was no longer aboard the Gyft. Kos quickly comm’d in to the Sequorian to try to intercept Kane and have her stop Dan Sear, but instead he heard Dan Sear’s voice on the other end condescendingly assure Kos that he had the situation under control before he cut off communications and the team watched in dismay as the Sequorian jumped to light speed and was gone.

The rest of the Team stood there momentarily in disbelief until Kos furiously proclaimed he wanted to try to beat the Sequorian to Bakura to avoid a potential disaster. The Gyft jumped to light speed but, even though it was able to stealthily drop out of hyperspace, they were unable to arrive before the Sequorian. Sear broadcasted his approach to the Gyft but the Gyft was not currently in any shape to take that course towards the prison without detection. M@ quickly got to work and was able to repair much of the damage and was also able to spruce up the ship’s heat dampeners to a point where it reduced the ship’s heat signature off the Imperial radars. They surveyed the station and were only able to identify two landing points, the landing bay or an exhaust port. The Team decides to attempt the exhaust port since the landing bay was crawling with Imperials. Since the Gyft would be too large to fit through the port, they all decided to latch themselves to FAE and make their way towards the station, because every time they latched themselves to FAE in the past it worked out exactly as they planned and nothing ever went wrong.

Unfortunately, as they navigated towards the port they are noticed by a group of TIEs on patrol. Kos was able to convince the TIEs that FAE and the group were not hostiles, that they were just doing a drill, but the result was that the TIEs offered to escort them back to the landing bay and the group had no choice but to allow the TIEs to do so. They had avoided the space battle, but they had an inevitable confrontation ahead of them at the landing bay and they were scrambling to come up with a plan to get out of it in one piece.

The diversion created by FAE had opened up a clear lane to the loading bay for the Sequorian and Dan Sear and he was able to recognize the pickle the Gyft crew had gotten themselves into. He made a quick attack plan with Karreal Case (Lt, RA) and he donned a suit and propelled himself, outside of the Sequorian, towards the prison. While he was inbound, Case fired off several shots and destroyed a couple TIEs before Case immediately hit the hyperdrive on the Sequorian and shot away at light speed before the imperials could react. Sear had undershot the opening of the bay and was clinging to side of the base, while the rest of the team used the chaos to scatter and avoid detection. M@ wandered off towards the security checkpoint, where a confused Crix hurried after him, and the rest of the team made their way towards the barracks in hopes of finding some gear to disguise themselves with. Ultimately, Sears pulls himself up the side of the station and is able to glimpse the teammates heading towards the barracks so he decides to rendezvous with them there.

Now at the security checkpoint, M@ convinced the guard that he was there to update the prison’s systems. He jacked in to the terminal but completely failed in his attempts to hack the system and the entire system crashed, causing the guard to take notice that something didn’t seem right. Now under more pressure, M@ convinced the guard he needed more time and that the shutdown was normal during an update. Crix inadvertently created a distraction for M@ as he tried to stealth his way in to the security checkpoint but he is made and all the guards trained their weapons on him. Crix raised his arms to signal that he surrendered, but one overzealous guard tells him to “stop resisting” and then bashed Crix over the head with the butt of his rifle. Crix was then handcuffed and taken deeper into the prison while M@ continued to work furiously at hacking the system.

As Kos entered the barracks his bad luck continued as he was immediately confronted by four stormtroopers. Kos looked around and saw that no one else in the barracks was paying attention to the confrontation so he held out his arm that wasn’t missing a hand and tapped in to the Force and all four of them fell like rag dolls never, hearts stopped. Raara entered the barracks at that time and two stormtroopers outside the barracks were able to catch a glimpse of what appeared to be four stormtroopers laying lifeless on the ground inside the barracks, but Raara quickly convinced them that those troopers were just sleeping off a long night of drinking. Kip, who was just outside of the barracks, sees a cluster of stormtroopers heading towards the barracks but he intercepted them and send them back to the hangar bay to check on the attack that had just occurred. The stormtroopers ran off and Kip made his way into the barracks.

Finally, Dan Sear entered the barracks where he was quickly attacked by a furious Kos. Kos swept Sear’s legs out from under him and plunged the blade of his lightsaber pike through the floor right next to Sear’s head. He made it clear to Sear that if he pulled any more stunts Kos would not hesitate to take Sear’s life. Sear indicated he understood, but that what was done was done and now they needed to work together if they were going to make it out of there. Kos pulled back his lightsaber pike, everyone in the barracks grabbed imperial gear to disguise themselves, and they started discussing a plan…



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