Star Wars - Fires of Rebellion

A Favor for a Friend, Part 5

Now that the Team had successfully infiltrated the Bakura Imperial Prison, they needed to find a way to overcome the large contingent of Imperials aboard the craft as well as locate and free both Dan Sear’s parents and any other high value prisoners they could locate within the prison. In order to do that, M@-33, Gand, Raara, and Dan Sear had identified some of the gangs and their leaders and needed to convince them to help them overtake the guards.

M@ and Sear opted to try to recruit Garm Barez, the leader of the Twin Suns Gang comprised of former military… Raara sought out Lilly, the leader of the Bloody Cutters which was fully comprised of females and they were not friendly to members of the opposite sex… and Kos tracked down Koro, the leader of an exclusively Gand gang called the Clickers. All were successful through their different tactics in convincing their respective gang leaders to have their gangs back the Team’s overthrowing of the prison.

Crix Vane had escaped from his torture chamber and continued his pursuit of Dan Sear’s parents which he knew were in a nearby prisoner holding cell. As he tried to sneak through the halls he was noticed by a janitor, who turned out to be quite skilled in mop-based combat as they exchanged several blows until Crix finally arose victorious (though not without suffering several injuries along the way). Cris took the janitor’s uniform and keys and was able to access the holding cell and matched two of the prisoners inside to the photo he had on his data pad of Sear’s parents. Unfortunately, Crix’s advances through the South wing did not go unnoticed…

Suddenly the Team in the mess hall heard alarms blaring through the intercom system with notifications of a possible threat in the prisoner holding area. The Team no longer had the element of surprise and they were out of time to formulate a plan. Sear knew he needed a diversion immediately and he instructed Barez to punch him in the face… which Barez did, with exceedingly excessive force, and from there a brawl in the mess hall broke out. The Imperials were out-numbered by the Twin Suns so they called in for reinforcements from the Admin Center and the Team used the chaos to make their way to the Admin Center. Unfortunately, Sear had inadvertently engaged the wrong gang with the imperials back at the cafeteria since the Twin Suns would have offered a tactical advantage when infiltrating the center, but time had run out so they had to take their chances with the Bloody Cutters.

Amidst the commotion, Kos had been able to slip away with the Clickers, Ro’Ye, and Kilo to head towards solitary confinement to search if there were any allies there. They had previously identified one prisoner who stood out, and once in the solitary confinement area Kos was able to use a terminal to determine that prisoner was Daro. He masterly picked the very intricate and high-security lock and Daro’s cell and he and Kilo were aghast to find a beaten and tortured shell of a man who only slightly resembled Daro anymore after everything the Empire had put him through. Kos did his best to heal Daro’s wounds and then checked the manifest to see if there were any other prisoners worth saving. The only other name listed was that of Seki-Seki, a Nautolan who clearly had no love for the Empire based on her impressive body count. He was able to quickly free her as well and was more than willing to go with them once Kos told her she would get to kill Imperials if she came along.

M@, Sear, Raara, and the Bloody Cutters were now inside the Admin Center and they were putting a number on the Imperials still contained within. M@ unleashed the Bloody Cutters on the Imperials just as Kos and his group entered the Admin Center. M@ found a nearby terminal and jacked in. He was able to disable the gravitational stabilizer on the station, but Kos had to step in to re-route the fall of the station so that instead of hurling towards Bakura it was now floating towards a nearby moon. The group had an hour to get Sears’ parents and get off the ship or else they would have all perished in the crash.

As Kos surveyed the Admin Center he noticed the Garm Barez had not yet joined them and he knew he was compelled to go back and save Barez, if he was even still alive. Kos re-entered the cafeteria to find Barez and a hand full of the Twin Suns making their last stand behind a stack of tables in the corner of the room as the Imperials advanced. Kos quickly sprung into action as opened his attack with a ferocious Force harm on a cluster of Imperials. Kos, along with cover fire from the Twin Suns, took out all of the remaining Imperials and they made their way back to the Admin Center.

The Bloody Cutters’ blood-lust turned out to be much higher than anyone had anticipated, however, and the blood shed was quickly getting out of hand. Since the Cutters did not view M@ as a man, and therefore were willing to follow his command, Sear pleaded with M@ to get the Cutters under control… and M@ was about to do so until the Station’s Lieutenant pulled a weapon on M@ and M@ began to “Error”. M@’s photoreceptors turned red and the next thing Sear knew the majority of the back of the lieutenant’s head was against the wall and M@ was firing a gun protruding from his forearm at any remaining living Imperials inside the Admin Center. Between M@ and the Cutters, the scene was a massacre.

Crix had managed to disguise himself amongst the prisoners in the holding cell until a Stromtrooper came in and then he sprung in to action. He took out the Trooper, and then stripped him down and disguised himself in the Trooper’s armor, handing the Trooper’s stun gun to a burly looking prisoner in the holding cell with him. When another Trooper came in he managed to convince the other Trooper that he had orders to escort all of the prisoners to the Hangar Bay for immediate transport off of the station due because the prison was under attack. The only route from there to the Hangar Bay was through the Admin Center and none of them could believe the horror which befell their eyes when the doors slid open.

The Cutters were all frenzied with the taste of blood and they took immediately notice of the three Imperial Stormtroopers (one of them being a disguised Crix) escorting a string of prisoners when the doors opened. Sear caught the eyes of his parents only briefly before seeing the flashes of the Cutters running towards the group, and despite his shouts to yield none of the Cutters slowed their advance. The Cutters began to rip apart the two forward Stormtroopers, causing Crix to remove his helmet to reveal that he was not an Imperials, prisoner with the stun gun bravely pulled his weapon and advanced towards the group, essentially sacrificing himself for the rest of the prisoners as they fled back into the holding area in terror. Crix grabbed hold of Sears’ parents though, and ran towards the entry to the Admin Center to make way towards the Hangar Bay.

The Team knew they were almost out of time and they made their way as quickly as they could towards the Hangar Bay. They highjacked a ship and boarded, along with Sear’s parents, Daro, Kilo, Ro’Ye, Garm Barez, Seki-Seki, and all of the Clickers, to make their escape from the prison. They had escaped just in time to witness the Bakura Imperial Prison explode on the surface of the moon.



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