Star Wars - Fires of Rebellion

Friends, Old and New

Surprises all around.

The Krayt Fang emerged from hyperspace and was quickly in a state of chaos. Low on fuel and unfamiliar with the vessel, the crew set about exploring their new ship.

41-VEX discovered that the Krayt Fang had holding cells, and found three prisoners inside: M@-33, Kip Salvo, and B’Ura B’an. After seeing how well armed Jett Logan was, the prisoners made it clear they would be no trouble. Once the prisoners were released, the crew calculated what systems they could reach for refueling. Ryloth seemed the most promising, and since it was B’ura B’an’s homeworld he promised compensation if he was returned there.

Just before they made the jump to Ryloth, M@-33 detected a tracking device on the ship. They were able to interfere with the device’s programming before moving on. The Krayt Fang jumped into Ryloth orbit without incident, and they touched down in Nabat.

After setting the local crew to refueling and repainting their ship, B’ura B’an asked the group to come meet a friend who might have a promising business proposition. M@-33, Kip, and Jett, accompanied B’ura, while the rest stayed to guard the ship.

B’ura led them to a safehouse, and introduced them to Nyn Kablo the leader of a pro-Twi’lek militant group. Her group was trying to establish a Ryll mine run exclusively by free Twi’leks. Things were running smoothly until a group of humans started harrasing the miners. If the group agreed to deal with the humans and get the mine running, she would allow the group to lead the ryll distribution efforts.
The trio agreed and the next morning they set out with B’ura B’an to visit the mine in New Meen. They were lent a landspeeder, and the trip was going well until a couple hours in when a sudden explosion sent the speeder into a violent nose dive. The crew regained their feet only to realize armed men were training weapons on them. And one in particular stood out, Trex. They immediately went into cover as the armed force opened fire. However the bounty hunters underestimated the group and were pushed back into a nearby cave. The two groups continued to play cat and mouse, until two remaining bounty hunters took up ambush positions in the cave. Once the shooting started the bounty hunters disturbed a massive Lylek, and were torn apart.

The crew found the bounty hunter’s speeder, and repaired their own, then drove both to New Meen.



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