Star Wars - Fires of Rebellion

Snatched and Stranded

Hutts aren't the only ones who hold grudges.

bothan.JPGBack in NabatSash, 41-VEX, and Lowhhrick were still overseeing The Krayt Fang’s overhaul. They had observed several bounty hunters landing on planet, but managed to avoid any unwanted attention. The second afternoon Sash noticed a conspicous Bothan watching their hangar. Sash and VEX used the rooftops of the spaceport to tail the Bothan, however this lead them right into an ambush. Several men were posted on the roofs nearby with stun rifles, and they quickly overwhelmed the pair.

Sash and VEX regained consciousness tied to chairs, back to back, in a nondescript warehouse. After a moment the Bothan they had attempted to follow entered the room. He explained that he was looking for one of their companions. When Sash and VEX proved unhelpful he began to torture Sash, using a scalpel to cut open his cheek. He then left the two to think things over before he continued. Using VEX’s installed instruments Sash managed to loosen his bonds and then untied VEX. However, two of the bothan’s goons entered the room, Sash and VEX pretended to still be bound until the men drew close. They then jumped the men – using the nearby torture tools as improvised weapons.

After taking the men’s blasters they went to find the Bothan. When he saw Sash and VEX free, the bothan fled. The pair chased him through the streets of Nabat. Finally they caught up to the bothan, he turned as they approached and gave them an impish grin. He then stepped aside to reveal a group of Teemo’s bounty hunters.

The next morning Jett Logan, Kip Salvo, and M@-33 returned to Nabat. After letting Nyn Kablo know of their success, she offered them 35% of whatever profits they earned from distributing ryll, and gave them 10 cases to start with. They gave Nyn the Krayt Fang’s hangar number, and left. Then a panicked message crackled over their comms " Lowhhrick! Bounty hunters! Get the engines running!"
Jett, Kip, and M@ rushed to the spaceport, and arrived just in time to see the half rust, half green colored Krayt Fang blast out of the port. A stream of thugs rushed out of the hangar and ran towards another bay, the trio followed and attacked the bounty hunters as they tried to load onto their freighter. An intense firefight broke out in the hangar, and Jett stormed up the freighter’s ramp as it took off. One of the bounty hunters pulled a vibrosword and Jett brawled with the man as the ship rose. Finally when Jett disarmed the hunter, he was tackled off the ramp and only survived by landing on top of the man.



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