Star Wars - Fires of Rebellion

Dead in the Water, Part 3

I think this is our stop.

Slicer_TofG.jpgAfter getting the engine back on line Archaeon, Krahkhoar, M@-33, and Zerikus headed to a nearby damage control station to check the ship’s status. There they saw the station was occupied by a gang of thugs, who had gotten their hands on weapons. And in their midst was Vahn Jerriko, he was pleased to see the group and mentioned that he and his friends had found a way off the ship, a small freighter was being transported in the cargo hold. Vahn suggested that he’d take them along in trade for the ryll they were carrying. When Archaeon balked at the exploitation Jerriko’s thugs drew blasters. Before Jerriko could stop them a gunfight broke out in the confined space. The party escaped the damage control station and Zerikus tossed a grenade in to cover their retreat.

Just then a shudder lurched through the ship, and the PA system requested for any experienced pilots to report to the bridge. Hoping to help – Archaeon, Krahkhoar, M@, and Zerikus headed back to the bridge.

Jett Logan searched the unconscious form of Kip Salvo until he found a stimpack and jammed into the man’s thigh. Kip awoke with a gasp and the two examined the aftermath. The blast door had completely sealed off the observation deck from the freighter. Their escape chance gone, they commed the rest of the group and agreed to rendezvous at the Starry Night’s bridge.
As they reached the bridge they saw a planet now filled the viewscreen. The displays showed the Starry Night’s trajectory as near the point of no return for entering the planet’s atmosphere. None of the bridge crew could see any way to save the ship, and the ship’s computers were unable to run the evacuation protocol. Kip stepped up to the helm, and M@ began calculating possible vectors. Examining the data – and trusting his natural instincts – Kip angled the Starry Night to slingshot around the planet, and used the gravity pull of its twin moons to save the ship from entering the atmosphere. Snaking sharply between the planet and its moons the ship let out ominous groans. Anyone not strapped down was thrown to the ground and finally, as the Starry Night cleared the planet, a loud whine could be heard throughout the ship and it went into an aimless drift.

The bridge crew confirmed that two of the three engines were down, but everyone was amazed by the suicidal maneuver that had saved them all. One of the Imperial Commandos still stationed on the bridge thanked Kip, but let him know he would have to detain the smuggler. After returning to the Imperial escort, Lt. Dayton Janson had ordered that Kip be detained, and his acquaintances held for questioning. Kip insisted that it was a mistake and – in a spark of surprising sincerity – convinced the Commando it was all a mistake and that they should be free to go. The trooper agreed and the group quickly left the bridge.
After finding out about the freighter in the hold – the team made a beeline for the cargo bay. They reached it and found the doors blown open, inside they saw Jerriko’s thugs had beaten them in. Jett, Kip, Zerrikus, and Krahkhoar began sneaking up behind the thugs, while Archaeon rushed to the cargo bay control station. As they closed in, the party was noticed and a firefight ensued. The thugs began dropping but Jerriko kept up a fierce resistance. That is until Archaeon – using the bay’s cargo crane – dropped a cargo container on Vahn and his two remaining comrades.

Their victory secured, the team found their spice containers and started loading them onto the small YT-1760. However, before they even got the ship’s landing bay open the sound of blaster fire began echoing from the hold’s entrance. M@ went to scout the entrance, Jett started working on loading the ship, while Kip attempted to pull Vahn Jerriko out from the container that had pinned his legs and knocked him out.
Zerrikus noticed Imperial markings on the container Archaeon had dropped and decided to crack it open. Khrahkhoar climbed another stack of containers between the ship and the hold entrance. As Zerrikus opened the crate he found it loaded with military grade weapons, including grenades and a heavy E-Web blaster. Comming Archaeon, Zerrikus told him to prep the crane, and he began setting up the heavy repeater. M@ spotted a pack of Bloody Jesters being pursued by Stormtroopers, and they appeared to be heading into the heart of the hold. He ran back to what was quickly becoming an ambush point and climbed onto the container with Zerrikus. As the Jesters pushed deeper into the hold, Zerrikus signaled Archaeon, and the crane lifted the container Zerrikus and M@ were on high over the deck.

Zerrikus began laying a vicious base of fire into the approaching Jesters. As they looked for nearby cover they stopped right under Krahkhoar’s position. Krahkhoar leaped from his perch, with a wookie warcry, and both vibroblades drawn. He fell onto the Jesters and began slicing into them. A brutal three way fight broke out between the party, the Jesters and the Stormtroopers. The container now lifted, Kip was able to haul Jerriko back to the YT-1760, and he began helping Jett prep the mothballed freighter for flight.

M@ provided medical aid to Zerrikus as he took several hits from the pinned Jesters. Seeing threats everywhere one of the Stormtroopers fired a missile tube at the raised container. The missile hit home and the container came toppling to the deck, sending Zerrikus and M@ rolling to the ground. Noticing that each of the Jesters was carrying a large duffle bag, Krahkhoar dispatched one of the men, grabbed his bag and ducked into cover. Opening the bag – he saw it was filled with hard credits.

His controls now useless Archaeon began racing to the ship. Khrakhoar commed the rest of the group and let them know what the Jesters were carrying. Jett immediately dashed off the ship and headed towards the battle. Covering M@ as he attempted to revive Zerrikus Jett charged in. He and Krahkhoar drove back the Jesters and Stormtroopers, and recovered several of the bags. As Archaeon reached the freighter he was able to make the final changes to reconnect the engines. Kip powered up the engines as the stormtroopers focused their fire on Krahkhoar, M@, Jett, and Zerrikus. The YT-1760 lifted off and carefully set down on top of a nearby stack of containers. Carrying the bags, Zerrikus, and the E-Web – M@, Jett, and Krahkhoar rushed to the freighter’s loading ramp. They raced up it while blaster bolts splashed all around them. A missile impacted on the freighter’s side as Kip lifted the ship off.
They headed towards the cargo hold’s exterior loading bulkhead, but the team still had no idea how to open the doors and escape. M@ was able to revive Zerrikus, and Archaeon noticed an emergency release station at the base of one of the bulkheads. Knowing that anyone activating that wouldn’t make it back the team decided that someone would have to rig remote charges to blow the emergency release. It was still a dangerous task and no one agreed on who should make the run. Kip set down near the hatch and spun the landing ramp to face the emergency release. Before anyone could stop him, Zerrikus grabbed the charges and raced down the ramp. Just then the stormtroopers caught up with the freighter, and seeing a lone man in the open began spraying fire his way. Bolts took him in the leg and back and Zerrikus went rolling towards the emergency release. Barely able to move Zerrikus pulled himself behind the release console, as the troopers continued firing.

Jett attempted to run after Zerrikus, but was held back by Krahkhoar. Zerrikus commed for them to seal the ship, and before Kip could react a loud thump sounded. Kip smashed the hatch control button, as the freighter was pulled tumbling out to space by the sudden rush of vacuum.


If I had a heart, Zerrikus would always live in it. Thanks for your gift, comrade.

Dead in the Water, Part 3

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