Star Wars - Fires of Rebellion

The Tierfon Outpost, Part 1


With the Nimble Mind destroyed and no ship currently available to assign them to, Brigadier General Antares decided to send the Team to reinforce the Tierfon Outpost, on Expansion Region planet Tierfon. The base is located in a pocket of the Grand Teraah Desert, located near one of the few oasis in the desert, sheltered in a rocky cliffside. It is a starfighter base that has lost most of its veteran soldiers and needs direction. Antares promoted all Team members to the rank of CAPT, and 1LT to Raaraa and Crix. He also gave them all the ability to requisition two aids apiece.

The Tierfon Outpost is run by Major Wurth Bellaine, Human.
Head of Security – Lorn Tull, Kel Dor
Flight Instructor – Kytra Fah, Xexto
Flight Commander – Neala Yash, Chadra-Fan
Intelligence Officer – Miwa Jonos, Bothan
Chief Physician – Tana Youth, Duros
Head Engineer – Randal Spar, Human
Quartermaster – Boc Folen, Mon Calamari



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