Star Wars - Fires of Rebellion

The Tierfon Outpost, Part 2

After meeting the leadership of the Tierfon Outpost, and uncovering some potentially disturbing information on the state of the Outpost and how it is being run, the Team decided to head into a nearby town with the Head of Security, Lorn Tull, to do some recruiting for the rebellion.

M@-33 noticed a group of young men ogling over some guns at a gun shack and convinced them that, if they like guns, they aught to join the rebellion. The group then looked around and saw a nearby Noodle House and decided that might be a good place to do some recruiting. M@ saw a group of teens sitting at a table so he ordered some noodles and went over to sit with them. Buurski awkwardly invited himself to join a table where a group of mean who looked to be in their 20’s were enjoying their meals. Crix Vane went to console a “damsel in distress” and quickly realized he had made an error in judgement when she became creepily clingy in her efforts to make one of the young men at M@’s table jealous. In the end, the Team ended up leaving the Noodle House with a dozen new recruits whom they sent back with Lorn Tull to the Outpost to begin their training.

As the group continued their walk-through of the town, hey noticed that they were being tailed by 3 men. Kos, the Tarnished wandered to a fruit stand near where the 3 men were loitering, with Buurski in tow. Once they were close enough, Buurski reached out gently with the Force to see if he could uncover any information about their intentions by reading the thoughts of one of the men. Buurski is able to make out a couple random thoughts… “Teemo”… “Don’t let them make a deal”… and both he and Kos head back to the group where Buurski tells the others what he “heard”. Kip Salvo approached the men and used his powers to influence them into listening to him. The men end up revealing to him that they were sent by Teemo and that one of the Rebels had made some kind of deal with Teemo. The men didn’t know anything else beyond that, however Kip told them to relay a message back to Teemo (who Kip knew) that Kip wanted to speak with him and the men left.

As the group was discussing where to go next, they received a distress call from the outpost notifying them that a skipper had been shot down nearby and they needed to head over and rescue the crew. The team followed the transponder code of the skipper and were able to hone in on its location in the desert. They arrived to find it in the center of a bowl, however the group found it very odd that there were no indications that it had been shot down. The group descended from their transport and spoke with the crew, who had hunkered down behind cover near the skipper, to find out that they were under attack by some kind of indigenous race and that they were not here because they had crashed, but that this location was actually where their mission was.

The group looked around to see several machines positioned around the perimeter, and could see glints of metal beyond them which flashed off the weapons of the attackers from the light of the sun. The crew members informed the team that the machines were actually miners, which were drilling to get ore out of the ground. There were 10 miners spread around the skipper and they needed to get as many as they could back on board the skipper before they departed. M@ proceeded to the nearest miner and is able to set the repulsion on the miner to send it straight back to the skipper. Buurski tries to muscle one of the miners back to the skipper but the miner breaks, revealing a strange powdery substance inside, and is attacked by one of the masked assailants. Buurski takes a wound but retaliates by quickly running the attacker through with his vibrosword and readies himself for the next attack. Kos also attempted to move a miner but is quickly attacked as well. He binded his assailant and removes the mask to find a human woman underneath. The rest of the attacking group stops as it turns out Kos had immobilized their leader. Kos released her, without harming her, and convinced her to make her troops stop attacking. She reveals to Kos that they were attacking to defend their land and the substance that the miners had been drilling for, which was not ore after all, and they left. The Team, too, decided it was time to depart so they headed back to their shuttle. Buurski had taken a sample of the substance that fell from his miner and gave it to M@ for analysis once they were onboard the transport. As they departed, they looked down to see a pale cylindrical form that was about 300m long breach the sand’s surface and disappear back in to the sand.

Upon analysis of the substance, M@ determined that the substance had to be some sort of hallucinogen and the group begins to piece together some illegal activity that could possible be occurring at the Outpost…



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