Aduro Scrye (Cdre, RA)

An aged ship captain, from a more civilized time.


The old Duros is known by his crew to have a quiet, reserved demeanor, even in the most dire of circumstances. The captain of the Marauder Class Corvette “Nimble Mind” has devoted himself to thwarting pirates and protecting honest spacers.


In 60BBY Aduro was collected in a regular sweep for Force-Sensitive children by the Jedi Order. He passed his trials at the age of 17 and was granted the rank of full Jedi Knight. As a full knight Aduro, and his former mentor Jedi Master Pekka Jarrde, began assisting in controlling piracy along the Hydian Way.

In this time Aduro gained a love of spaceflight, and a deep knowledge of small ship tactics. When the Clone Wars began decades later, Aduro was one of the few Jedi with practical knowledge of space combat. However his knowledge was of small-scale ambushes, escorts, and interceptions. Tactics that were of little use in the massive capital ships battles of the war.

Instead he was sent to train local navies in small Outer Rim territories loyal to the Republic. He taught navies with small, out dated ships how to stand up to the superior numbers and technology of Separatist battle groups. He commanded an Acclamator Class Battleship and would often lead his newly trained navies into battle against the Sepratists.

At the tail end of the war, Aduro was finishing exercises in Argazda. While performing an inspection on a small, dated corvette, an unknown battle group jumped into the system. When Aduro’s Acclamator hailed the strangers they proclaimed themselves to be representatives of the Imperial Navy, they were sent to execute any traitorous members of the Jedi Order. The Imperial vessels immediately began to fire on the Acclamator.

Aduro wanted to immediately rush to the aid of his ship, but the Captain of the corvette, Alli Zhagel, convinced him that the Imperial forces could easily wipe out every space-faring vessel in the system. As the Acclamator was quickly overwhelmed and crippled, the Imperials began demanding that all spaceship crews in the system stand down. Some ships that were too slow to respond were destroyed without warning. Seeing the Imperials quickly putting a stranglehold on her home system, Captain Zhagel ordered the jump to lightspeed and abandoned her post.

Aduro Scrye (Cdre, RA)

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