Crix Vane

A gifted demolitionlist and intelligent mechanic exhiled from his home world, recently left a life of mercenary work to fight along side the rebellion in hopes of redemption.


Height: 6’2"
Class: Demolitionist, Scoundrel


Crix, son of the wealthy and influential Zax Vane, comes from a line of powerful Falleen nobility. The Vane family has been a part of the Black Sun crime syndicate for as long as Crix could remember; his father holding high rank in the group. Crix grew up with many moral objections to what the Black Sun asked him to do, but he tried his best to comply and follow in his family’s footsteps.

He trained specifically in the art of demolition and became one of the Black Sun’s finest demolitionists. After the Black Sun formed a close relationship with the Empire, Crix began to morally object more and more to the crime syndicate’s operations, which included Slave Trafficking. His last straw was when a mission would have had him murder a large number of children. Crix refused and contacted the Rebellion to tip them off. News of this reached Black Sun leadership and Zax Vane had no choice but to cast his son away, and forbid him from ever stepping foot on their home planet again, or he will be killed.

Crix formally defected from the Black Sun and began working with the Rebellion to atone for all his past mistakes.

Crix Vane

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