Eban Sacul

A shrewd businessman who secretly backs a faction set on freeing oppressed civilizations


Eban Sacul appreciates the finer things, and has never been known as a very likable individual. He focused his entire life on accumulating wealth, above all else, but realized there were more important things to his existence when he almost lost his family, on Life Day, only to have them all saved by a group of Rebels visiting his planet. While still maintaining his wealth and power, he also now secretly houses the Headquarters of a secret faction called The Myrmillon Watch on his grounds, and provided the financial backing The Watch needed to initiate their mission… for a price, though, which has been burdened upon Buurski and Kos, the Tarnished.


Eban Sacul only remembers disappointment when he thinks of his father. He remembers moving from place to place, going days without solid food to eat, and, above all else, he remembers vowing to himself that he would be a “better man” than his father when he grew up. To his credit, Sacul worked hard to earn an education and his hard work paid off with an apprenticeship to one of the most astute traders and businessmen on Bothawui upon his graduation.

The years passed and Sacul was married and started a family, but his success at his firm became a drug to him and no matter how much wealth he accumulated amidst his successful and innovative business deals, he had a thirst which could never be squelched and he always wanted more. Eventually, he overtook the firm as he forced his mentor out and he rose the firm to unimaginable heights as he eventually had a hand in almost all major trade through Bothawui.

It was not until he came home after working all evening on Life Day to find his family imprisoned in his own home by a madman that he realized despite all his wealth and prestige, he was powerless to help his family. It was in this moment that he remembered how his father was always willing to do whatever it took to look out for him, and he realized he had foolishly placed his faith in money and success when all he really needed was being held captive behind those locked doors. Ultimately his family was saved by a group of Rebels and, upon holding them in his arms again, he vowed to always remember what was truly important and to change his life to be a good man, like his father was before him.

Eban Sacul never forgot the Rebels who saved him and his family that day, in more ways than one, and when Buurski and Kos, the Tarnished turned to him for help when they had nowhere else to go, Sacul stepped up to the plate. Sacul loaned a large sum of money to the Rebels, broke ground and built housing and a training facility for a faction of militants on his own personal grounds, and thus The Myrmillon Watch was established in the secluded mountains of Bothawui.

Eban Sacul

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