Former Galactic Empire piloting Astromech Droid turned rebel pilot of the Sequorian I through the power of friendship.


Appearance of standard R4 Astromech droid, however this R4 was specially modified by the Empire as a Flight Specialist (FS) series Astromech of which there are a limited number of units available in the entire galaxy. This FS Astromech is designated Unit 17 (U17).


FS-U17 was part of a heavy Empire assault on Ring Base in an effort to destroy the rebel base and as many rebels as possible along with it. Overall, the attack was a success and the surviving rebels were forced to abandon the base after the Empire was able to make its way through the surrounding asteroid field and board the base through multiple access points. As the rebels fought back against the overwhelming numbers of imperial troops, the retreating rebels needed additional transport off the base and forcibly commandeered the ship FS-U17 was assigned to. When the imperial pilot proved to be an unnecessary risk to the rebels’ escape, he was quickly discarded by the rebels and FS-U17 was discovered aboard the ship and tasked with piloting them for the remainder of their escape. As a droid, FS-U17 did not have a deep-seeded affiliation to the empire and its programming appears to value comradery and a recognition above all else; responses it was able to quickly find through the companionship of the rebel, Kos. Since FS-U17 proved itself to be a competent pilot while fleeing from ring base, Kos convinced Buurski to allow it to be assigned as the pilot of their ship, the Sequorian I. So far FS-U17’s addition to group of rebels has been a mutually beneficial one, despite the apparent jealousy displayed by M@-33 by the presence of another droid within the group, yet it remains to be seen if there are any lingering imperial programming sequences yet to be triggered.


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