Kos, the Tarnished

A remorseful and vengeful medic where failure only means death.


Half of his body is horribly scarred. His left eye looks milky, as if blind, but Kos will never admit to it.

Most noticeable is his missing left arm. Do not ask him about it.


A staunch believer in the adage, “only the strong survive”, he knows there’s more to it than physical prowess. The strongest are the ones who choose the correct allies. Discerning, cautious, and incredibly skeptical of everyone and their motives, Kos will be the strongest to help ensure the safety of his people.

Kos finally earned his name by rectifying the damage caused the exploitation of his and his mentor’s work. Unfortunately, Kos’ actions brought the strength of the Empire. He has no idea if his home is better than he left it. For that, he will always be an outcast in the eyes of Gand. Thus, he adopted the moniker, “the Tarnished.”

Kos, the Tarnished

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