Garm Barez

Crotchety old warrior looking to exact some revenge on the Empire for his imprisonment


Garm Barez has the look of former military – hardened, stone-faced, and scarred. He has been fighting for as long as he can remember, and was discovered by our Team of Rebels aboard the Bakura Space Prison as the leader of the Twin Suns Gang. Without Barez’s military tactics it is likely the Team never would have made it past the prison guards to locate Dan Sear’s parents and ultimately escape; more than likely, they would have assumed a permanent place among the prisoners aboard the craft. Barez escaped the prison with the Team when they fled, and was subsequently recruited by Buurski and Kos, the Tarnished to join the Myrmillon Watch, primarily due to his extensive military background and his ability to train members of The Watch to effectively and efficiently carry out their missions. He is currently based out of the Myrmillon Watch Headquarters on Bothawui.


Garm Barez does not really remember a life outside of combat. He was born on the war-ravaged planet of Surcaris, and was orphaned when both of his civilian parents were killed during a raid. He survived for years on his own by observing and practicing the war tactics of the Mandalorians occupying the planet, defending himself when necessary, until he was able to stowaway on a supply ship en route to Coruscant, where he would eventually call home.

On Coruscant, he joined the Grand Army of the Republic and quickly rose in rank as he proved himself time and time again to have a great mind for war strategy and leadership. He garnered a reputation for being very aggressive with his tactics in battle, but for also having a very strong devotion to the welfare of his troops.

He fought many battles alongside the Clone Troopers and the Jedi until he was permanently stationed on Coruscant, primarily as a trainer for Clone Trooper officers. Barez was on Coruscant when Supreme Chancellor Palpatine had issued Order 66, and was conflicted as to how to respond as he saw the Troopers he had trained turn on the Jedi he had fought alongside. Ultimately, he raised arms against his troops, killing dozens of Clone Troopers while assisting in the escape of an unknown Jedi, before he was subdued by overwhelming numbers and imprisoned. He never regretted his decision to back the Jedi, even while enduring years of imprisonment, and never gave up the name of the Jedi or the Jedi’s destination, no matter the level of interrogation the Empire put him through in trying to pull out the information.

His natural strength in leadership drew others to him, particularly those that were former military prior to their capture and incarceration, and this ultimately transformed he and his followers in to a gang which became known as The Twin Suns, with Barez at the helm.

Garm Barez

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