Bulky, large Gand covered in various brands and symbols. Most are lost to those not familiar with the species.


A loud mouth brigand upon first inspection, you begin to realize there is a more subtle approach behind his thuggish front. Koda was found as the leader of a small prison gang of Gand, the Clickers, in the Bakura Imperial Prison.

During the breakout and destruction of the prison, Koda met Kos. Kos promised Koda to get him and all members of the Clickers out alive provided Koda does what Kos says. Skeptical at first, he reluctantly agreed.

After keeping his promise, Koda pledged his allegiance to Kos and follows him endlessly. The remaining Clickers volunteered to be the first recruits of Kos’ and Burskii’s Myrmillion Watch.


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