Dayton Janson (Maj, GE)

Leader of an elite stormtrooper commando team.


Leading an elite squad from the 489th Spec Ops Division, codenamed the “Fondor Firecats”, Dayton is a battle-hardened Stormtrooper Commando. While being transferred back to the Core worlds, the civilian transport they were riding in was attacked by mercenaries.

The squad leapt into action to retake the ship and stop the mercenaries. During the battle they recruited 41-VEX, Archaeon, Jett Logan, Krahkhoar, Kip Salvo, and Zerikus to help them retake the bridge. The miscreants eventually turned on the squad, killing several squad members as they made their escape.

Dayton Janson (Maj, GE)

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