Weathered, frail, old woman whose pragmatism may cloud her wisdom.


Sits hunched over, using her withered hand to prop herself up on the chair she sits in, which looks like it is about to consume her. Her right eye is always closed, probably due to either blindness or missing it entirely. She carries herself with great pride despite being on the edge of death. Even though she still had all of her teeth, they seemed to be grinded down and yellowed. They’re stubs of what were once teeth.

Her outfit, different from the typical browns and tans of the Terra’kan, has a bright red trim.


Not much is known about the highest ranked Ha’keem. Having the highest seat among the rest of the Ha’keem shows a clear status above the rest.

It is clear that she may be more radical than she lets on with the short time Buurski, M@, Kip, and Kos have spent with her. Having shared ancient Terra’kan traditions and secrets without much knowledge of the group proves that.

The desert, the source, the ’Kan are all one…
They all know each other, can feel each other…
So she says…


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