An enigmatic frontiersmen, trying to forget his past.


A former Rebel who became indentured to Teemo the Hutt. After working with several friends to escape Teemo’s grasp, the Hutt’s agents caught up with him on Ryloth. He was forced to flee in The Krayt Fang under fire from several starfighters.

After being parted from the crew Sash, 41-VEX, and Lowhhrick fled to Geonosis, and uncovered a plot by Teemo the Hutt to acquire new weapons and place himself as the prominent Crime Lord on Tatooine. Bringing this information to Jabba the Hutt Sash was able to convince the Hutt that Teemo should be removed.

He and his allies infiltrated Teemo’s palace and while attempting to plant charges to destroy the palace they were attacked by Teemo himself. It was a vicious battle to defeat the Hutt, and all three were seriously injured, just when it looked liked they’d be killed Sash shot out the supports on the chandelier. The wicked iron fixture came crashing down on Teemo mortally wounding him.

Sash lost his left eye in the encounter, but took on the mantle of “The Teemo” and has been running Mos Shuuta ever since. He has been attempting to repair Teemo’s operation and expand it across the galaxy. His efforts have significantly improved Mos Shuuta.


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