A dangerous Nautolan warrior with a secret and mysterious past.


Sekiseki became known to the Team when they expanded their mission to save Dan Sear’s parents on the Bakura Imperial Prison to search for other high-value prisoners that they could free and recruit to join the Group. After Kos, the Tarnished snuck in to Solitary Confinement he hacked in to the prisoner manifest and only two prisoners stood out to him as skilled combatants who were clearly sympathetic to the Rebellion, based on the long list of Imperials who had fallen by their hands; one prisoner turned out to be Darro and the other was Sekisekii. She immediately proved to be an asset to the Team as she was a key contributor in the Team’s fight through the Administrative area to escape the prison and, once they had safely reached an Alliance command ship, she committed herself to the cause in gratitude for her rescue. After being promoted to Captain, Buurski requested Sekiseki to be one of his aids in the missions to come. Sekiseki graciously accepted her appointment, and has vowed with her life that she will protect Buurski and, by his command, engage with any foe who would do him or any of their Team members harm.


Sekiseki carefully guards her veiled past, however the details that are known indicate she holds a very violent one. Kos was able to catch a glimpse of the details surrounding Sekiseki’s arrest and imprisonment while scrolling through the prisoner manifest, therefore it is known to the Team that Sekiseki was far from her home planet of Glee Anselm when she was abducted, and that there was a large bounty on her at the time of her arrest. While not directly a part of the Rebellion prior to her incarceration, she was captured during a sting operation lead by a team of highly trained Troopers in retaliation for an assassination of a high-ranking Imperial Officer. Despite the Empire’s refusal to believe the highly complicated assassination could have been executed by a single person, there was no evidence to support the involvement of any one else other than Sekiseki, and the only way she was identified was that she had deliberately left a note behind, signing her name to it… as if she wanted to be captured. The reason this particular assassination garnered such interest by the Empire was that the method and mystery surrounding the event mirrored several other unsolved assassinations of high-value Imperial members. The Imperials never were able to decipher how exactly she was able to gain entry and execute the Imperial Officer for which she left the note behind, who helped her, or establish a link between her and the other similar executions. This was despite numerous attempts to “coerce” the information out of her while in the Bakura Imperial Prison, and their attempts to pull the information out of her became fewer and far between as the list of Imperial Questioners, and Officers, who lost their lives as a result of her interrogation sessions continued to grow. Some within the prison began to wonder if her mission, all along, was to gain access to Imperial targets who were assigned to the Prison…


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