A Disgraced Gand Physician


An old venerated physician, who spent his life attempting to elevate the living conditions of Gand everywhere. He took a name at the behest of his peers after devising cures for dozens of afflictions that Gand could suffer after leaving their homeworld.

In his later career he turned his focus back to the planet Gand, and attempted to make the world’s brutal conditions more bearable. He met entrenched opposition from religious leaders who saw his time away as a corrupting influence, and his attempts to ease the Gand lifestyle as an erosion of their society.

Unable to research further on the planet, he began examining off-world technology that could prove his cause to even the most stalwart critics. In the process he unleashed something terrible on the Gand, and in his shame Viryx gave up his given name as penance.

He now works tirelessly to correct his mistake.


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