Star Wars - Fires of Rebellion

Entangled Webs, Part 2
Now you see me...


Crix Vane is suddenly awoken by a large crash and he opens his eyes to a pitch black room save for the red flashing emergency lights. He notes that he has only been asleep for a few hours, but as unsettling as the sound that was loud enough to wake him from his drug-induced sleep is, the unmistakable clanking of the metal Stormtrooper boots is much more ominous to him. He pulls the pin on one of his grenades and tightly holds down the spoon while he peers through a crack in his door and out into the barracks. Through the flashing red lights he can see the silhouettes of several Stormtroopers when all of a sudden the familiar shape of his companion Buurski rips through the room as half of the invading Stormtroopers fall. Crix hurls his grenade towards the back of the room and his perfectly placed toss takes care of the remaining Troopers. Crix approaches Buurski, who proceeds to give him a quick situational report before they head to Logistics to meet up with Gand, M@-33, and Commodore Aduro Scrye.

Despite being able to identifying that the Imperials are utilizing Quantum Entanglement to track the Nimble Mind, and Kos developing scanners which are able to identify the source if they are in the same room, neither Kos nor M@ have had any success locating the source yet. The Team is running out of time. Several areas of the Nimble Mind are in dire straits, including Life Support, and are in desperate need of repair. On top of that, each attack by the Imperials brings on a new wave of boarding Stormtroopers that must be dealt with. They need to find the imposter on board, and quickly, if they are going to find and disable the signal before the Nimble Mind suffers more damage than they can recover from.

Aduro asks Buurski to fill him in on what Buurski has been able to uncover so far through interrogation of of the suspects on his list. After going through each candidate, the team determines there are 3 remaining suspects with lingering questions that must be answered. One of these “crew members” has to be the imposter. Buurski requests that all 3 suspects be brought to him, while M@ and Gand work on ship repairs and scanning, and Crix does his best to fend off the remaining Stormtroopers aboard the Nimble Mind.

Buurski knows this is it. He has 3 suspects and one of them has to be his guy; he can’t afford to complete these final interrogations without identifying the imposter. He gathers his notes to start poking holes in their stories and brings in his first suspect: the Engineer, Vash Cabaril. The first time Cabaril was interviewed his answers were not far off, but the team found it odd that he was unaware that his Lieutenant brother had recently been killed in action. Buurski_Talking_Narrow.jpg Buurski could tell there was genuine concern for his brother’s well-being in Cabaril’s response to the line of interrogation, but he could not bring himself to reveal Cabaril’s brother’s fate to him and released him from questioning. Next up is the other Engineer in question, Jair Durothil, who had been less than cooperative with M@ initially and even threatened harm upon him should M@ bother him again. Further, while he had knowledge of his homeworld of Alderaan, the team found it odd that he mis-pronounced the seemingly obvious name of the final Governor, Jin Anguy. Again, Durothil is hostile and aggressive during questioning and not forthcoming with answers. He’s a muscular guy and impervious to Buurski’s attempts at intimidating him into answering Buurski’s questions. Buurski ends up dismissing him without really attaining any new verbal answers from Durothil, but Buurski is highly suspicious of the insubordinate and resilient Engineer. The final suspect, Security Officer Aramil Cornag, is another burly looking guy. The first time Cornag was questioned he was not willing to name the planet he is from, and the noticeable large scar on his face seemed suspicious to the team as well. Buurski is able to coerce Cornag into lowering his guard, and Cornag reveals to Buurski the planet he is from and the story behind how he got the scar; Buurski is still initially a little suspicious of the story and the scar but upon further pressing and inspection Buurski is able to end the interrogation feeling confident that Cornag is not the imposter.

34 minutes has now passed and once again the Nimble Mind is attacked by the Imperials. The ship takes more damage and loses more crew members as the Imperials continue to relentlessly fire upon the damaged ship. Even more Stormtrooper boarding crews make it on board the Nimble Mind and they are threatening to overtake the ship from within. M@ and the Engineers are assigned to go back to trying to contain the damage in various parts of the ship, while the Marines, Buurski, and Crix are all going to have to focus their efforts on holding back the Stormtroopers on board.

The Nimble Mind and its crew have run out of time; they have to find the signal source to break the Quantum Entanglement. There’s no guarantee they can make it through another round of attack. They need to force the imposter to tell them where to find the device on the Nimble Mind, and it is up to Kos to get the location out of whoever it is. Buurski is forced to decide Kos_Force_Harm.jpg on who he thinks the imposter is, and he names Jair Durothil. Kos informs Buurski that he is going to pull the answer out of Durothil, no matter what he has to do to get it, and he asks Buurski if, knowing this, he is confident Durothil is the guy and Buurski tells him that he is. Kos enters the interrogation room and doesn’t waste any time; he immediately asks Durothil where the source is. Durothil denies any knowledge of what Kos is talking about, and jabs at Kos, calling him derogatory names. Kos responds by calling on the “mist” to inflict harm upon Durothil, and he makes sure Durothil knows he is doing it… it works, Durothil is exposed to immense pain, and Kos then gives Durothil a stem to bring his wits back about him. Durothil is now shaken, but tries his best to maintain his resolve as he laughs and tells Kos it is too late and that everyone will be vaporized… confirming that he is the Stormtrooper they have been searching for. Kos acts on the information immediately, he ascertains that the source must be in the engine room and, knowing that is where Crix is currently located, he radios in to Crix and tells him to find it. Kos is not done with Durothil yet though; once again Kos calls upon the mist, this time inflicting serious harm upon Durothil and he allows Durothil to writhe in pain for several moments before Kos kneels down and jabs his thumbs in to Durothil’s eye sockets… removing his eyes. Kos exits the interrogation room, shutting the door behind him to drown out the blood curtling howling coming out of Durothil.

In the Engine room, Crix uses the scanner to find the source but the optimism he felt quickly fades as he finds the device attached to the reactor core and recognizes the unmistakable build of a bomb within the shell of the source. It will not be long before the 34 minute timer is up and he knows it is up to him to disable the bomb and deactive the source so the Nimble Mind can make the jump to hyperspace before the Imperials arrive to finish them off. He comms to the rest of the group and fills them in, Kos does his best to assist Crix over the radio, and Crix gets to work on disabling the bomb. He meticulously removes the shell and exposes the wiring, but he is not familiar with the layout of this bomb. It’s now or never – he cuts the cable he believes will diffuse the bomb. He here’s a click… a hiss… and the bomb explodes.


Crix is able to recognize his mistake as soon as he hears the click of the bomb, and without thinking he pushes everyone out of the Engine Room and closes the blast doors, with himself still inside, just before the bomb detonates. Crix suffers several critical injuries and is knocked unconscious, but he miraculously survives and does not lose any limbs. In addition to the injuries suffered by Crx, the reactor core has been completely destroyed in the detonation. However, despite Crix’s failure to deactivate the bomb, he was still successful in breaking the Quantum Entanglement and the Empire no longer has the ability to track the Nimble mind… the only problem is that without a reactor core the Nimble Mind is completely out of power and the Imperials will be arriving at their location in under 5 minutes.

Fortune finally smiles upon the crew however, as Aduro informs everyone there is a spare reactor core… the issue is that diverting all power to the new core would make it so other areas of the ship are no longer functional, namely the geospacial astrogation controls. With everyone focused on fleeing the area before the empire arrives, the crew works together to quickly formulate a solution: Kos taps in to the hyperspace navigation system of the Sequorian I to use the capabilities of the Sequorian’s astrogation to plot a course for the Nimble Mind and Aduro immediately puts M@-33 and the Engineering team to work on diverting all power to the new reactor core. With everyone working together the Nimble Mind regains power within minutes… and is able to make the jump to light speed before the Imperials arrive at their last known location. The Nimble Mind is free of the Quantum Entanglement threat and the Empire cannot track them through hyperspace this time. The crew is finally able to get some rest and our team travels unimpeded to the next destination.

Entangled Webs, Part 1
Find the source before it's too late.


M@-33 boots up to the sight of his companions, Gand and Buurski, visibly exhausted and battle-weary eagerly awaiting for M@-33 to regain awareness. He quickly realizes there is a large portion of time which is not accounted for in his recent memory banks, however that troubling thought is abruptly interrupted by the loud alert of a 2-minute warning of a 34-minute timer throughout the Nimble Mind’s speaker system. Uncertain of the reason for the alert and the significance of 34 minutes, and his companions too worn down to explain the current situation, M@-33 turns to Commodore Aduro Scrye for a quick briefing of the predicament they are facing.

Aduro explains that the Nimble Mind’s hyperdrive is functioning, however the sublight engines were damaged during the retreat from Ring Base… therefore, the Nimble Mind can make the jump to light speed, but only in a straight line. This, in itself, would not be overly problematic were it not for the fact that somehow an Imperial Star Destroyer is able to track their location and always appears and attacks the nimble mind precisely 34 minutes after the Nimble Mind drops out of hyperspace. It does not matter how far or how fast the Nimble Mind travels, they are always met with opposition as soon as the timer hits 34:00. This pattern has been repeated non-stop over the past 48-hours and that is why the rebels have not had time to rest.

Just as Aduro finishes briefing the group, the clock hits 00:00 and, sure enough, a Star Destroyer appears out of hyperspace and opens fire. The Nimble Mind evades as best it can without functioning sublight engines, but is hit and the ship launches back into hyperspace again to regroup and attempt to formulate a plan to defend and counter the next strike.

The rebels have 6 contingents of crew members available to them: 1 Security Team, 2 Marine Squads, and 3 Engineering Teams. While traveling at light speed, the group is able to make crew member assignments and complete small tasks while preparing to drop out of hyperspace. Once stopped, they have 34 minutes to complete their assignments before the enemy arrives and they will be forced to take part in the ensuing battle.

The only plausible explanation for the Empire’s ability to track the Nimble Mind through hyperspace is that there must be a signal broadcasting the ship’s location from within the Nimble Mind to the Empire. It is up to the team to find the source and shut down the signal before the Nimble Mind runs out of time… the only problem is, having just fled from Ring Base, the crew had taken on many of the survivors before departing and it would take too long to vet all of the new passengers aboard the ship. One new passenger in particular seemed to be a good place to begin the hunt, and that was with the Imperial pilot currently being held in the brig who had tried to betray them once already.

While M@ tends to the various damaged areas of the ship with the Engineering teams, Kos heads to the medical ward to tend to injured crew members begin working on an adrenaline shot to help suppress the fatigue falling upon the entire crew, and Buurski takes a squad of Marines down to the brig to interrogate the imprisoned Stormtrooper pilot. Buurski discovers the man in the holding cell is actually the body of one of the Nimble Mind’s passengers, dressed as a Stormtrooper. Through questioning the security detail outside the holding cell Buurski is able to determine that the Stormtrooper had made the switch long before being brought down to the brig, and is therefore hidden and posing as one of the new passengers from Ring Base somewhere aboard the ship.

As the Nimble Mind continues to take fire, the worn down Engineering teams try their best to stay on top of the continuous damage being inflicted upon the ship. M@ is able to provide a boost to the repairs, Kos successfully develops an adrenaline anecdote, and Buurski obtains a passenger ledger of all the new crew members that joined the Nimble Mind from Ring Base. Buurski systematically begins assigning the Marines and Security detail to conduct interrogations on all new human male crew members to try to uncover the imposter.


As time wears on the Empire’s attacks become more coordinate and a new threat emerges as boarding parties begin to invade the Nimble Mind. The worn-out Marines battle valiantly in defense of the ship and one boarding party, inserting themselves in the barracks which is adjacent to the medical wing, falls victim to Buurski’s frustrations and is taken out in one ferocious attack. Kos takes advantage of the situation and acquires the data pads off all the fallen Stormtroopers and, based off the info contained in the pads combined with the details of how the ship was being tracked (mainly distance and jump time not affecting the Empire’s pursuit), M@ was only able to come up with one fringe technology that fit the bill and that is Quantum Entanglement.

With this new knowledge the team feels a slight boost in morale having finally caught a little break, and Kos uses this surge of energy to develop a couple scanners that are able to determine if a transmitter is in the same room as the scanner. Meanwhile, Buurski has crossed the majority of names off the suspects list through interrogations of possible imposters conducted by the Security team, M@, and himself and the rebels narrow in on the saboteur aboard the Nimble Mind.

The Fall of Ring Base
A Good Retreat is Better Than a Bad Stand


Part 1: Buurski, M@-33, and Gand arrived at Ring Base after months of continuous missions to find that stories of their feats and their reputation for being a bet reckless had begun to precede them. As they wandered the trade floor, vendors, customers, and crew alike all seemed to give them looks of recognition and were eager to share tales of the stories they had heard with those they were with. Aduro Scrye (Cdre, RA) had awarded all of them with two commendation tokens apiece, one which can be used to acquire a vehicle and the other to acquire a piece of equipment, and the team agreed they needed some time to themselves and they split up as each team member decided how to spend his tokens.

M@ decided he had been wandering with only one of his legs being cybernetically enhanced for far too long and he found a vendor who sold cybernetic parts and purchased a leg to match his other one. He replaced his former inferior droid leg with the new cybernetic one and, as a result, his movement fluidity and capability was greatly enhanced. With his enhancement complete, he headed to the vehicle vendors and after several hours of searching he found exactly what he was looking for: a YQ-400 Monitor-Class System Patrol Ship. As he viewed it for the first time he knew that, if he had feelings, this was probably what love would feel like. Before sending it off to the hangar bay for commissioning he inserted his data rod into the ship’s control port and uploaded the AI he captured from ASS Bus before her destruction on Shelkonwa. His photoreceptors glistened as he heard the familiar voice of ASS Bus once again, and he named his new Patrol Boat: FAE.

Kos, having had a particularly emotionally taxing few months, was elated to finally have some down time. He found out from M@ that there was a vendor on Ring Base who would trade cybernetic parts for his equipment token and M@ lead him there. Kos knew exactly what he was looking for, a cybernetic brain implant, and, sure enough, the vendor had the equipment available. Installing the implant was not quite as easy with Kos, however, since he couldn’t just make the modifications himself like M@ did; he needed a surgeon. Kos found a surgeon he felt he could trust and allowed M@ to assist in the procedure and the implant was a success. Kos awoke to find that his senses were heightened and he was processing everything so much more quickly than he had before. He could hardly keep up with his own thoughts… and he loved it.

Buurski was not looking for anything that could be bought with a token. He broke off from the group and he found a relaxation and meditation area and found a room and closed the door behind him. He sat and held out the lightsaber hilt he took from the Inquisitor in one hand, and he held the Ilum crystal he acquired during their last mission on Bothuwai in his other hand. He closed his eyes and allowed the Force to guide him as he tried to construct his first lightsaber. After several unsuccessful attempts his frustration began to overtake his concentration and he knew he needs to take a break to gather his composure if he was to be successful

During their leave, Buurski met up with Kos and they proceeded to walk the trade floor together. The past few missions had brought the two warriors close together as they had learned to trust each other and each had witnessed the other prove himself time and time again in battle. They had agreed to establish an Order based on their fighting styles and beliefs, and decided that they will pool the vehicle tokens together to acquire a vehicle for their mutual use. As they perused the vehicle inventory of all the vendors, one vehicle in particular stood out and that was a Firespray-31 Patrol Craft. They traded in their tokens for the vehicle, customized their ship with a sweet new paint job with the sigil of their Order emblazoned upon it, and then sent their new ship, the Sequorian I, down to the hangar.

After the team had made their acquisitions and gotten their rest they met up with Aduro, who was with an unknown Falleen. Aduro introduced the Falleen to the group as Crix Vane and explained he was a trustworthy demolitionist who may be a good addition to the team. Introductions were made and they all decided to head over to one of the taverns to enjoy the jovial atmosphere for a bit. They took a seat at the bar and the venue was fairly quiet until a group in the corner began to become a bit rambunctious and M@ and Kos were surprised to see that it was Krahkhoar, Dan Sear, and Kasper Miles; known to the general population as the Tusk Cat Squad. M@ and Kos headed over to talk with the Tusk Cat Squad while Buurski and Crix stayed behind at the bar and engaged in awkward small talk.

Just as the Team began to really start enjoying themselves, alarms started blaring all throughout the station and the team and the Tusk Cat Squad found their way to the command center. They found out that there was an unidentified ship heading towards Ring Base and it was currently just idly floating through the asteroid field outside of the base. Attempts to communicate with the vessel were unsuccessful so the only remaining options were to either open fire or to try to approach the ship to gain further intel. They decided on the latter and the team volunteered to make their way to the ship while the Tusk Cat Squad worked on making sure everyone on Ring Base found their way to safety in case the ship was hostile.

The team decided to take a stealthy approach towards the ship so they obtained magnetized boots and headed down to the hangar. Buurski, Crix, M@, and Kos all latched themselves safely and securely to FAE and departed the station on their way to intercept the vessel before it got too close to Ring Base.

Part 2: Ring Base continued their attempts to establish contact with the unknown vessel while FAE weaved in and around the asteroids in the field outside of the base with the entire team attached to her sides. The closer they got to the ship, the more certain the team was that this would not be a friendly encounter. Then suddenly FAE took a hit, but the shot was not fired from the vessel, the point of origin was somewhere amongst the asteroids! The shot hit FAE with such force that it injured the team and rendered Crix unconscious, causing him to lose his grip on FAE and he began floating off in to space. Buurski, in a moment of desperation, reached inward to attempt to channel the Force to grab Crix and bring him back but as hard as he tried Crix continued to float further away. His inability to control the Force for the second time while at Ring Base angered Buurski and he reached out to Crix again, this time powering his manipulation of the Force through his frustration and emotions, and then Crix stopped floating away as Buurski was able to lower his motionless body down to the nearest asteroid. Kos nodded at Buurski with approval, happy to see Buurski finally allow himself to unleash his powers without restraint even though he could see the look of disappointment upon Buurski’s face.

With the knowledge now that the threat was not just in the ship ahead of them, the team looked around the asteroids to see what had shot at them. Each team member was able to spot stormtroopers settled upon an asteroid, but they were maligned to realize that there were several contingents of stormtroopers spread out amongst multiple asteroids. Then a second shot exploded upon the side of FAE, and this one caused all of them to lose their grips on FAE and shot them each down towards the asteroids. Buurski and Kos landed near one another on the same asteroid as where Crix was still lying on the ground, while M@-33 landed alone on an adjacent asteroid. Now that they were all within engagement range to the stormtroopers, they noticed that some of them were not the regular stormtroopers that they were all familiar with. These stromtroopers were much larger and were equipped with jetpacks and heavier weaponry than a typical stormtrooper.

Now that the attack on Ring Base had been discovered, the idling ship came to life and began a straight trajectory towards Ring Base while simultaneously opening fire. The team engaged with the stormtroopers on the asteroids, knowing that it was up to them to stop all Dark_Trooper_1.JPGof them from reaching Ring Base and boarding the station. The heavy stormtroopers proved to be formidable opponents and they greatly hindered the teams ability to make quick work of the groups of stormtroopers to prevent them from leaping forward towards Ring Base. Fortunately, M@ was also able to communicate with FAE to have her fire down on the stormtroopers and her attacks were very effective as she gunned down many of the advancing stormtroopers in each of her sweeps. Finally the team made some progress, as Buurski and Kos teamed up to take down one of the heavy stormtroopers; unfortunately for Kos, his very rare cortosis shield was knocked loose in one of its counterattacks and his shield had become nothing more than a speck in the distance by the time that stormtrooper fell. In defeating the heavy stormtrooper, they were able to identify that these larger stormtroopers were actually droids, meaning that there was an entirely new enemy out there they could likely expect to see more of in the future. Almost simultaneously, M@ was able to manipulate a bad motivator on a rocket launcher being wielded by a heavy stormtrooper he had been going up against, and he caused the heavy stormtrooper to end up blowing up himself and all of the normal stormtroopers around him when he fired his weapon.

While the team was engaged in battle, Ring Base had been going toe-to-toe with the advancing ship with both taking significant damage in the fire fight. The team was able to see a couple places on the side of Ring Base which had been exposed to the outside and had created entry points for the would-be boarders as a result of shots from the ship. Finally, after several rounds of shots fired back and forth, the attacking ship took a devastating blow and it was destroyed. The battle was still far from over, however, as there were still multiple groups of stormtroopers jetpacking through the asteroid field towards the damaged base.

FAE continued her sweeps and she was very effective in minimizing their advances, as she took out waves of stormtroopers at a time. Kos was able to revive Crix and all of the members of the groups salvaged jetpacks from fallen stormtroopers and began to make their way back towards Ring Base. At this point, it had become a race back to the base. The stormtroopers had a pretty significant head start and the team knew they would probably be unable to stop all of the stormtroopers before they reached the breach points on Ring Base. While the situation was not ideal, the team was still confident in their ability to find and take out the stormtroopers on Ring Base before they could cause significant damage and they continued to make their way back as quickly as they could.

That’s when the explosion happened. Fire and metal shot outward from Ring Base and a hole large enough to fit a ship through now appeared on the side of the base. Worst of all, the explosion was not caused by the base being fired upon, the explosion had been detonated from within Ring Base. The Empire was already inside.

Part 3: Defense of the Base and protection of its crew

Part 4: Retreat

The Alderaan Graveyard
We've Awoken the Hive!


Part 1:

Part 2: Buurski, Gand, and M@-33 have just escaped imprisonment and M@-33 has downloaded the design of the cloaking technology that had previously prevented the rebel fleet from being able to detect the ship. M@-33 retrieves the gear taken from the Rebels along with several duffel bags with nametags on them that are determined to have belonged to the original crew of the ship before it was hijacked by the M@-33 Army. Gand finds a key in one of the duffel bags and the group determines it must have belonged to the Captain and M@-33 identifies the location of the Captain’s quarters. The Rebels find the Captain’s quarters and a makeshift throne has recently been installed in the center of the room; there are two M@-33 droids in the room which Gand and Buurski quickly dispose of. Gand finds a safe and the key is able to open it; the safe contains 6,000 credits and an old blaster model which is not functional. The rebels divide the credits evenly and M@-33 takes the blaster.

A heavily intoxicated unknown organic enters the room and engages with the Rebels; he breaks a bottle on Gand’s face, shreds his hand with glass trying to attack M@-33, and is ultimately restrained by Buurski while M@-33 interrogates him. Through interrogation, the Rebels learn that this man is a leader of a Bounty Hunter group called The Bloody Jesters. The ship they are on is called the “Starry Night”. He did not want to detain the Rebels when they originally arrived, he wanted to kill them immediately but was refrained from doing so by “The Master” – even though these Rebels are not who The Master was looking for (he was looking for Kip Salvo, Jett Logan, and Krahkhoar). The Rebels determine that The Master is head of the M@-33 Army and in order to get more information M@-33 would need to access the central unit on the Bridge.

In order to ensure M@-33 can access the data unmolested, the Rebels determine they must lock the doors to keep the M@-33’s on the lower levels then meet back at the Captain’s Quarters before heading to the Bridge. M@-33 stays behind to administer medical attention the injured Bloody Jester and rigs a de-commissioned M@-33 so that he can control it remotely. Gand leaves with the remote M@-33 to lock the doors; although he is unable to lock the doors he is able to trick the M@-33’s into thinking the doors are locked. Buurski and Lt. Karreal Case go to the hangar bay in case a secondary diversion is needed; since Gand was “successful”, he and Lt. Case head back and Buurski brings two rockets from the hangar with him.

When Gand, Buurski, and Lt. Case enter the Captain’s quarters the lights are out and they Bandaged_Face.jpgfind the Bloody Jesters’ Leader in the corner with bandages on his face and wrist, where his injured hand used to be. Then they turn to find that M@-33 has removed the man’s face and hand and has begun trying to insert the body parts on to his droid body. Buurski and Gand convince M@-33 to remove the man’s face and he places it within an internal storage compartment in his chassis. M@-33 then removes the face of a destroyed M@-33 and grafts it on to the Bloody Jester’s skinless face and also inserts an M@-33 chip into the man’s brain.

M@-33 sends his remote M@-33 to the Bridge in attempt to jack in to the M@-33 mainframe. He manages to coerce his way to the terminal but is unsuccessful in hijacking the system. The failed attempt arouses the suspicion of the three M@-33 Droids on the Bridge and M@-33 is unable to convince them that he is not attempting to hijack the system. M@-33 requests the assistance of Buurski and Gand to take out the M@-33 Droids so he can attempt again. Buurski, Gand, and M@-33 engage in battle with the three M@-33 Droids on the Bridge (one of the M@-33 Droids has been enhanced for combat) and after several rounds the Rebels are victorious. M@-33 attempts to jack in to the central unit once again, this time with his own data rod and not remotely, and is able to break in.

Unbeknownst to the other Rebels, M@-33 is presented with an opportunity to enter the M_-33_Hive.pngM@-33 “Hive Mind”. M@-33 quarantines a section of his current consciousness and gives it to Gand for safekeeping in case any of M@-33’s actions contradict the Rebel cause, although Gand does not know why it was necessary for M@-33 to do this. M@-33 enters the Hive Mind. Since M@-33 is now part of the Hive Mind all the other M@-33 Droids gain access to the knowledge he has; specifically, that the doors are not actually locked. An Army of 30 enhanced M@-33 Droids enter the room. It is determined that the rockets Buurski took from the hangar are EMPs and M@-33 convinces Gand that our only option is to set one of them off. Gand sets off an EMP by using his lightsaber on one of the rockets which results in a blast that renders everyone on the Bridge unconscious, including the Rebels. It is unclear whether M@-33 knew this would be the result and whether or not jacking in to the Hive Mind may have him now working against the Rebels.

Part 3:

Insurgency on Krant Pt. 1 - The Dragon's Den
See new places, meet new people

Now officially members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the team is assigned to assist a more experienced unit and learn how the Alliance operates. Their mission is on the farming world of Krant, a valuable Alliance operation in the Bothan sector. Faced with the prospect of working for months in the shadow of Imperial forces, the team is sent to meet the elite group that will be their mentors: The Krayt Dragons.

The Jewel of Yavin
The heist of a lifetime

With their initial investigation done, their mechanized foes defeated, the team has one last task on Bespin. Steal an unstealable gem from the most powerful people in the galaxy, out of one of the most secure facilities ever conceived. What could go wrong?

'Tis the Season
Some little helpers can only take things apart

A pack of unwelcome visitors just seems to be turning up at every corner.

One Last Job
Same work, new employer

After accepting the Alliance’s “generous” offer, the team is given a mission that can help prove their loyalties, and utilize their famed skillset. They are sent to Cloud City to steal a valuable gem, and rob its owner blind in the process.

Jail Break
Sometimes a reputation is more than it's worth

A Rebel Alliance SPECOPS team is assigned to an odd task: hunt down a group that has been at the heart of too many galactic incidents. After causing Alderaan and Onderon to devolve into anarchy, obliterating the Empire’s Wookie slavetrade, and gathering a large amount of material in a remote system, the Alliance has decided this group needs to be handled. Their actions have mainly hurt the Empire, but many Alliance personnel and interests have been collateral damage. If this group can’t be apprehended the SPECOPS team should eliminate them.

Neon Nights
A hardboiled week of drugs, plots, and betrayal

After a quest to outfit their new wookie army causes them to stumble into old allies on Tatooine, the team is sent to unravel a mystery on Nar Shaddaa. An initial case of mistaken identity tumbles into a descent through the deepest layers of the Smuggler’s Moon.


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