Star Wars - Fires of Rebellion

A Short Respite

Battered, bruised, and exhausted, Crix, Buurski, M@ and Kos began heading towards the edge of the Pollis Massa system, to make contact with their rebel base, hidden amongst the dense asteroid fields that the system is well known for.

Off the distance, they saw what lookedt to be the rebel base carefully hidden on one of the asteroids, and they go in for the landing. They entered the base and are greeted by Commodore Aduro Scrye, seen accompanied by a slender Twilek at his side. The commodore introduces the Twilek woman as Raa-ra and M@ scoffs at the sight of a Twilek. He proposed that the group take Raa-ra with them as she could be a critical asset to the missions.

After the meet and greet, Buurski inquired about General Kane’s presence on the base. After hearing that she has her own quarters, they all decided to pay her a visit. First up were Buurski and Kos. Kos pulls out his most fine Carillion scotch and pours a drink for everyone in the room. They begin talking about the logistics of the Empire, the Rebellion, and the role she played in the Empire. She noted that many of the people under her command were good people, despite the malignant intentions of the empire as a whole. She has now assured the group that she is committed to their cause and will contribute any intelligence she has on the Empire.

A short while after, an angry Crix showed up at the door and forced his way in after being greeted by Kane. Kos pours him a drink, and without saying anything, he snatched it from Kos’s hands, took a sip, and slammed the glass back down on the table. With anger in his voice, he showed Kane the damage that was done to his leg. Kane, unaware of how this was her fault, facetiously comments on the injury and that while she commanded troops, what was done to him was due to the sole intent of the victimizer.

Right after this exchange occured, Crix leaves the room and Buurski and Kos followed a bit later, annoyed that Crix could ruin their chances at retaining Kane’s services. As soon as they began walking down the hallway, a loud alarm began to ring through the base.

Assault on the Jade Moon, Part 8
The Resistance Gains Strength


Jax jolted awake to find two stimpacks protruding from his chest. The last thing he remembered was his hovertank being overwhelmed by Imperial Stormtroopers, so he was very surprised to still be alive and staring at the faces of two medics as they were trying to examine him. He brushed them off and looked over the damage to his craft, made a few quick fixes where he could, then sent in a comm letting the Colonel know he was back in the fight. He radioed that he needed a gunner and Tyria, who had just lost her hovertank to enemy fire, was quick to volunteer for the post. Jax hit the tank into full gear and headed in her direction, towards the front line.

Buurski had just slaughtered three stormtroopers who were guarding the Command Center and stared menacingly at the fourth, and only remaining, Stormtrooper. The female Stromtrooper, Sergeant Serenko, was petrified so Buurski and Gand capitalized on the opportunity to track down the location of Major Kane and try to finally sway the battle in the Rebellion's favor. Through questioning the Stromtrooper, they found out Major Kane was located in the factory and was surrounded by dozens of troops… but Kos noticed something more, he could tell that there was a connection between the Sergeant they were questioning and the Major. He dug a little deeper and Serenko revealed that she was Major Kane's lover, and that the Major would do anyting they asked as long as they didn't harm her. Buurski had Serenko radio in to the Major and then he grabbed the comm from her hand and told the Major to come meet them, alone, or she would never see Serenko again. The line was silent for a moment, but Kane conceded and Buurski gave her the location of where to meet them, around the corner of the Command Center, before he destroyed the comm and they all awaited her arrival.

Concurrently, M@-33 and Crix Vane were still engaged in close-quarters combat in a derailed elevator with VP Jakura and both of his bodyguards. M@ had just “errored” and he and Crix were trying to fight their way through the bodyguards to get to the VP. Several shots were exchanged and eventually Crix was able to get his hands on Jakura, if only to use him as a shield from the assaulting bodyguards as he braced for the next round of attacks.

Just outside, Tyria was finally able to see Jax approaching and she made a dash for it to the hovertank. Several Imperials take shots at her, but she managed to make it safely to the hovertank and hop inside. Jax welcomed her aboard and Tyria inspected the craft to check out its condition. She was able to make some quick fixes to the rocket launcher before Jax hits it into high gear towards the attacking imperials to take the offensive.

After just a few tense moments, the silhouette of Major Kane appeared to Buurski and Kos in the shadows of the dense dust alongside the Command Center. She yelled to them to state their demands as she held her weapon at her side, ready to pull up and fire at any moment. Buurski sheathed his vibrosword and motioned to Kos to lower his lightsaber and he told Kane that they did not call her there to fight, they just wanted to talk. IN an effort to begin to gain her trust, Buurski sent the unharmed Sergeant Serenko across the field to Major Kane. After a back and forth conversation on the Empire’s values, and Buurski beginning to convince Kane that perhaps all may not be what it seemed with the Empire, she suddenly snapped back to her previous form and began to raise her weapon to fire. Kos moved quicker, though, and was able to bind her in place so that she could not fire. Buurski and Kos had not been paying attention to how much time had passed and suddenly they were under fire from snipers who had repositioned themselves during the exchange. Kos dodged the first shot and the second shot, which was headed straight towards the back of Buurski’s head, was suddenly diverted and slammed straight into the face guard of Sergeant Serenko. Major Kane looked back across the field with rage-filled eyes at Buurski and Kos after seeing her lover’s lifeless body fall to the ground. Still bound by Kos, and unable to move, Kos runs past Kane to Serenko’s lifeless body and just as he releases Kane from his hold he begins to mend Serenko’s wounds right before Kane’s eyes. Serenko’s eyes popped open and she suddenly began gasping for air as life, one again, began filling her lungs. Kos removed his helmet and placed it over Serenko’s head so that she could breath and finally Kane understood who the real enemy was as she pledged her allegiance to Kos, Buurski, and the Resistance.

Buurski radioed over to Aduro to find out his location so that he could bring Kane to him while Kos stayed behind to infiltrate the command center. After finding out they had to cross the entire battlefield over to the warehouse, he sent a request to Jax and Tyria to create a diversion so they could safely make it across. Jax gained the advantage on his attackers and Tyria began firing all over the field creating general mayhem and destruction and, most importantly, cover for Buurski and Kane as they crossed the field. With the duo clear, Jax got a wild look in his eye as he drove his hovertank in full speed right through the side of the factory’s wall.

As Crix tried to fend off the bodyguards he fired another shot, this one again missing its intended target but this time causing the elevator car to crash to the ground. Crix was just able to see the VP flee the elevator as he was clubbed in the face by one of the bodyguards and , in response, Crix knocks the bodyguard to the ground and repeatedly bashes him in the face until he stopped moving while M@ took care of the other bodyguard. They both exited the elevator to head up the surface of the factory through the stairs.

With the Empire now in full retreat, Aduro ordered all forces to push forward into the factory where the Imperials were making their stand. The Resistance wiped them out and began destruction of the fully and partially built AT-AT’s inside of the factory. Buurski was surprised to find the VP running straight at him as he entered a stairwell, and Buurski grabbed the VP and brought him to the Rebel forces for detainment. Kane lead Aduro and Madine to the R&D area of the factory where he finds the AT-AT plans where they were able to identify the weak points of the AT-ATs at the neck and the limited movement of the legs. As M@ wandered the floor he stumbled across a miniature AT-ST and he smuggled it away while others were preoccupied.

Kos had made his way inside the Command Center to find any intel he could gather before the Rebel forces left the moon, but was startled when a group of imperials emerged within the Command Center. One of the imperials was an Officer who had Crix’s disruptor pistol pointed straight at Kos. In response, Kos reaches out at the Officer as the flesh on the Officer’s arm begins to turn gray and decay right before his eyes. He screamed in pain as his arm whithered away as several of the imperials around him also suddenly fell, never to move again. Three Imperials remained standing and their attention was suddenly diverted to the doorway upon seeing a sudden flash of light, only to find that the light was coming from the blade of Buurski’s therm-axe. Buurski savagely attacked, immediately killing two imperials and setting the third ablaze. The imperial ran screaming from the command center until he was silenced by a shot from Tyria, who was standing just outside.

The Rebels had won the day. The Imperial Base and the AT-AT factory on the Jade Moon was no more.

Assault on the Jade Moon, Part 7
A whiff of roasting flesh


We start off with a standoff between Crix and a trooper who has Crix pinned up against a rail, hands securely grasped around Crix’s throat. Crix slowly turns to see beneath the rail to only catch a glimpse of a pit of what seems to be molten lava, just as his attention is redirected back to the man choking him. Struggling to draw breath and naked without a single explosive on his person, Crix reaches straight for the trooper’s eyes. He immediately misses, as a frustrated trooper throws Crix over the rail. Just as he is being tossed, a rather lage mechanical arm smacks into him, his one saving grace as he uses his own momentum to barely grasp the edge of the rail, dangling off. In that moment, a hot searing pain runs through his right leg, as it slowly dipped into and out of the molten ground. As Crix screams out in pain, M@ takes a shot at Crix’s attacker who then falls hurt into a corner.

Meanwhile, back at the barracks, Tiria and Jax are engaged in heavy combat beyond a long trench. Tiria, skillfully piloting a land tank fires a missile at a turret and completely blows it up. Two nearby ATPTs also absorbed the blast and collapse to the ground. On the other side of the trench, Kos and Buurski are looking for a way to make it across the trenches towards the factory to find M@ and Crix. Buurski hoists Kos over his shoulder and leaps right into the trenches, where they are greeted by a captain and about a dozen more troops. At this point, Kos, with a devious look in his eyes, takes aim right at the Captain and menacingly waves his hands in the direction of the captain. The Captain lets out a shriek as a bright glow is emitted from his helmet and the captain falls dead. As the remaining troops run the other way in fear of their lives, a turret turns and then takes aim directly at Kos. Kos is thrown down and as ATPTs stomp his way and launch grenades towards him, Kos gracefully rolls and evades the whole disaster.

Back on the other side of the trenches, battle rages on as Tiria fires a concussion missile at the nearest Tibanna gas reserves as one of the last remaining ATPTs fires back.
Back in the factory, Crix was last left in a very daunting situation. With a sheer will to survive, Crix slowly pulls himself up. He fails a couple of times, his hurt leg dipping in and out of the molten lava. In his final attempt, just as he gets his second leg over the rail, a falling catwalk smacks him right back down, next to the trooper that is the cause of his pain. Crix cries out in both pain and relief as he looks upon his attacker with utmost contempt. A few feet ahead, M@ finds himself face to face with two troopers, “Slappy” and “Stabby”. As Slappy launches an attack at M@, Stabby pulls out a pistol and M@ takes a hit. Crix, noticing that M@ is in a bit of trouble, quickly grabs a pistol from his nemesis and rolls into cover. M@ proceeds to knock Slappy off the rails and take out Stabby without Crix’s help.

As a fierce battle wages on outside near the trenches, and Kos is rolling around evading turret blasts and grenades, Tiria fires another missile into a group of troops and is able to take vaporize about a dozen of them. As the assault continues, Buurski approaches and begins to scale the cliffside while Kos enteres the Armory to see what he can find. As Buurski climbs over the edge at the top of the cliff, a bullet whizzes right by him, and another sending Burrski diving to the ground looking to escape being in the cross hairs of a very determined sniper. With Buurski in position with a detonator for the bombs placed by the warehouse, and Kos with the other controlling the bombs near the factory, both detonators are set off and explosions rip through the area, with everyone taking notice. Inside the barracks, Kos picks up some frag grenades, a shoulder mounted missile launcher, and a Thermax Axe. With their initial objective complete, Koss, Buurski and Tiria rendezvous back outside and continue to make their way towards the factory where M@ and Crix are held. As Buurski rushes foward, a bomb detonating to his right, Tiria blasts another walker and destroys it completely.

Just as Crix and M@ find a bit of relief from their attackers, M@ is able to jam a stim pack right into Crix leg to get him back on his feet. They hear voices coming from the nearby elevator shaft; reinforcements seem to be making their way to the pair. Crix, thinking on his feet, sabotages the elevator causing it to go into plummet down before stopping completely and getting stuck. As one of the elevator troopers pokes his head out of the opening to see what is going on, M@ and Crix leap unto the top. Crix takes a shot and sends the trooper falling back into the elevator, pinning who appears to be the VP down. M@, seizing the opportunity, shoots through the hole attempting to take out the remaining two troopers. Crix turns around to see M@’s eyes begin to glow a deep, crimson red.

As a sniper continues to take shots at Buurski, Buurski continues to head towards the control center, ultimately taking a hit from the sniper. Kos is able to heal Buurski and they enter the command center, where Kos takes out three troopers and scares the rest of them into submission. Meanwhile, Tiria continues to fend off the army in her tank, but the tank takes a hit as shields go down, and the tank goes dark.

To be continued…

Assault on the Jade Moon, Part 6
The Cavalry Has Arrived!


As they ran for their lives from a squad of Stormtroopers on a foreign moon, Jax and Tyria couldn’t help but think about how only days ago they were safely stationed on a Rebel transport. That was before their transport was destroyed by a random Empire cruiser and they were taken hostage. That was before a small contingent of Rebel Operatives saved them and then enlisted them to join in on their, what now appeared to be, suicide mission to the Jade Moon. That was before they were assigned to don Stormtrooper armor and stormtrooper_taking_cover.jpgexplore a ravine that went deep into one of the canyons on the moon. The blaster fire from the Troopers was starting to get closer so they decided to take cover just as one shot blasts the rock right next to Jax, elevating him in to the low gravity of the moon. Tyria desperately tried to grab him and pull him back down to the ground but she could only manage to yank him down a little amidst the heavy fire. Jax hurled a frag grenade at the attacking troopers and the duo finally caught some momentum as two of the Troopers fall from the ensuing blast. Safely behind cover again, the two rebels simultaneously opened fire and managed to take out the remaining charging Troopers and think they are safe for the moment… until they heard orders being shouted from behind them through the unmistakable muffled sound of Stormtrooper head gear. They turned around to find what they already knew to be true; another squad of Troopers was heading straight for them. What they didn’t expect to see was another Stormtrooper charging solo off in the distance closely followed by an R4 unit. This Trooper caught their attention specifically due to his oddly shaped torso, unlike any Stormtrooper they had ever seen before. Then, all of a sudden, all but two of the attacking Stormtroopers stopped moving and their lifeless forms just sat their levitating in place as Jax and Tyria noticed the outstretched arm of the stumpy Trooper aimed towards the floating bodies. They dispatched of the remaining Troopers then hear a familiar voice through their comms, that of Gand, informing them that it is he and FS-U17 that were heading their way and had just assisted them in their escape. With the threat neutralized for the time being, they headed over to Kos and explained to him that they had found a building down the ravine that had a lot of power running to it and was heavily guarded, but they were spotted and chased back before they could investigate it any further. Kos wondered if perhaps they had discovered the shield generators when all of a sudden the three of them felt the entire moon tremor. At first they thought it may have been some kind of seismic activity, but Kos realized the source was across the compound through another ravine, where he knew the rest of the Team had gone to investigate several hours earlier.

Buurski continued to peer through the viewing pane of the work hutch he, M@-33, and Crix Vane were positioned in. They all had known the blast from the destruction of the reactor core would draw unwanted attention, but they had no idea the Imperials would arrive so quickly… and with Major Kane at the head, no less. Buurski tried his best to scope out the situation and determined there had to be at least 50 Stormtroopers out there investigating the blast. M@ ushered Buurski aside to see if he could ascertain anything else, and he could tell from Major Kane’s body language and terse commands to her Troopers that she was prepping herself for another angry lecture from the VP M@ had overheard chewing her out earlier in the Command Center. Crix was in the worst state of the group as his containment suit had been damaged in the blast, and while Buurski and M@ tried to figure out what they were going to do about all the Troopers outside he reinforces his suit, even making it stronger than it had been prior to the blast. The trio knew they would be no match for the Major and all her Troops, and decided the best course of action for now would be to turn themselves in. They knew Major Kane had been tracking Crix’s Captain Rollins access badge, and that it had likely been reported to her by now that he had been traveling with a droid, so they decided to try to conceal Buurski so at least one of them could continue on with the mission. The only place in the work hutch for Buurski to hide was a locker that was clearly too small to fit him, so Crix and M@ assisted by reshaping the locker to allow more space and moving a book case in front of the locker once Buurski was inside, then they opened the doors to the hutch and walk out hands in the air to greet the Major. The Major accepted their surrender and started asking them questions about how many Rebels there were, how they got there, and what they were trying to accomplish on the Base… but M@ skillfully dodged her questions and tried his best to redirect her questions by pointing out the security failures that allowed them to make the progress they had made, which had to be a result of the contractors on the Moon hindering the Major’s ability to secure the location. Much to her chagrin, Major Kane found herself admiring the effort this droid had gone through to make it here but she put those thoughts in the back of her mind and loaded M@ and Crix on her land speeder to take them back to the main compound to continue her questioning. M@ made sure to turn on his GPS Tracking system to ping the others of his location before they sped off. While in transit, M@ also received notification from the M@ “virus” he left at the Communications Center informing him that a message had been sent to Imperial Forces requesting reinforcements be sent to the Jade Moon. M@ instructed the M@ virus to try to intercept the message and re-transmit it to state they were requesting additional engineer, not troops, but he was unable to determine whether or not the transmission was successful.

Buurski emerged from the cramped locker after hearing the surrender of M@ and Crix, and the subsequent conversation between M@ and Major Kane, and the sound of a speeder leaving the area. He peered out of the viewing pane and saw that only a few Troopers were left behind to complete a final sweep of the area, but there were still enough of them around to make it problematic for him to exit the work hutch undetected. Suddenly, there was a slight tap on the door and Buurski was surprised to see the face of one of the Rebels they had saved on the Carrack Cruiser staring back at him. He slipped out the door and she took him to a rope which lead up the side of the ravine and he scaled up to the top and was pleased to see Kos and another Rebel awaiting them at the top. The two disguised Rebels introduced themselves as Jax and Tyria, and the group collectively decided their next stop needed to be the nearby Motor Pool. They knew they needed some armored vehicles to assist with the assault of the Rebels were going to have any chance at breaking through the heavily fortified defenses of the Base on the Jade Moon.

Major Kane took Crix and M@ back to the Command Center and they found themselves in a dark room, each of them sitting in a chair with their hands restrained behind them. Major Kane had taken a particular interest in M@, but despite his best attempts to turn her anger against the Imperial contractors she was providing security for, she had not lost her focus on trying to pull information on Rebel activity from M@. She wanted to know three things: 1. How they got there 2. How many there were and 3. What their plan was. M@ continued to dance around her questions until he finally convinced her that he would answer her questions, but only if it was also in the presence of the contractor’s Vice President who had berated Major Kane the previous day. Major Kane reluctantly agreed to his terms and took M@ and Crix to another area of the Command Center to continue the interrogation.

Buurski, Kos, Tyria, Jax, and FS-U17 arrived at the Motor Pool to find that it was very active. There were a half dozen AT-PT Walkers parked and ready to mobilize and several speeders were coming and going through the main entry. As they scoped the area further they finally found what they were looking for in the back area of the Motor Pool: 10 heavily armored hover tanks. Since they were in the back there were not many eyes on them, however there were a couple Engineers working in the general vicinity who would notice if the Team all gathered around the tanks. They needed something to capture their attention, so Tyria decided to go over and flirt with them both while Kos created a distraction to clear the area and give the Team time to work on the tanks. As the two guards shamelessly flirt with Tyria, Kos hacked in to a nearby terminal and overrides the docking mechanisms for the AT-PTs, dropping one AT-PT down on top of another and locking the rest down with clamps. The commotion gathered the attention of all the Engineers, including the ones who had been chatting with Tyria, and they all ran over to work on the AT-PTs. The Team discretely welds metal over the exhaust of 5 of the tanks so they could not be used during the assault, and planned to take the other 5 functional tanks back to the staging area so the Rebels would have them for the assault. Once again, they needed a distraction to be able to drive the tanks out of the Motor Pool without drawing attention and Tyria steps up to the plate – only this time her advances take a bit more effort as she did convince them to leave the Motor Pool, but only by agreeing to go grab dinner with them both at the mess hall. With the coast cleared, the remaining Team members were each able to pilot one tank apiece out of the Motor Pool but since Tyria left they had to leave one functional tank behind since there was no one to pilot it.

M@ had since received his wish of having an audience with both Major Kane and the Contractor VP, Jakura, simultaneously, but both were out of patience and were not in the mood to deal with his procrastinating any longer. Amidst the interrogating, Kane had informed M@ and Crix of the presence of two of their Rebel spies being held in an adjacent room, and that both had already undergone questioning and had outlived their use. With lives now hanging in the balance, M@ finally conceded and admitted they had planted a bomb in the factory, but that even he did not know where it was and that the only way to find the bomb would be to shut down AT-AT production to find it. The VP, of course, was not having any part of shutting down production since that would result in him falling behind and not reaching his milestones and quotas. As the conversation continued on, Major Kane received notification over her comms of possible significant Rebel activity so she told the VP she was needed elsewhere and left the room. After Major Kane left, Jakura had his bodyguards grab Crix and M@ from their seats and follow him deeper down in the compound.

Buurski, Kos, Jax, and FS-U17 were able to navigate their tanks back to the Rebels staging area just before the Rebel transports arrived and dropped off the troops. Tyria had been able to sneak away from her Imperial Engineer suitors and met up with the Team just a few minutes later. Dozens of Rebels piled out of the transports as Colonel Madine, the Rebel Officer in charge of the assault, sought out the Team to obtain a debrief on what they had accomplished prior to the arrival of the Rebel fleet. Kos filled the Colonel in on all the AT-PT_Moon.jpg explosives they had placed, the M@ viruses, the Barracks sabotage, and the destruction of the reactor core… then Madine noticed the four tanks parked off to the side and was pleased to hear that those were staged there for his use during the assault. The Team also received radio contact from Lt Antilles, the leader of the flight squadron who would be providing air support during the assault. The stage was set and they were ready to attack… just as another large transport arrived, but this one touched down in the heart of the base and Stormtroopers piled out of it and took cover, guns aimed towards the Rebels. The AT-PTs had also been mobilized and were heading in their direction. The Colonel gave the command to begin the assault and the first shots of the battle were fired as the tanks and AT-PTs exchanged blows. Kos remotely detonated several of the Tibanna Gas containers to try to obstruct the Imperials’ vision and provide the Rebels with an advantage. Buurski and Kos took cover as the heavy artillery was shot back and forth, but knew they had one more objective to accomplish – they needed to disable the shield generators and, thanks to Jax and Tyria, they now knew where they needed to go. Kos blew some more Tibanna Gas containers to provide cover along the left flank, and Buurski grabbed Kos and lept with all his might to cover as much ground as quickly as possible. Kos was pleased to sense the anger inside of Buurski as the adrenaline of war surged through Buurski’s body and he succumbed to his baser instincts to accomplish the feat. They both knew they could not fail to drop the shields if the assault was going to receive the air support it needed.

Back at the command center M@ and Crix found that a bad situation had just become worse as the departure of Major Kane opened the door for Jakura to handle the prisoners his way… and they were now both standing, handcuffed, at the edge of a drop leading to vats of molten lead beneath them. There were bodyguards standing between them and the VP, and M@ realized in that moment, looking in to the eyes of the VP, that diplomacy no longer had a place and it was time for action. The VP demanded the location of the explosives in his factory, and while the VP screamed at him M@ found a weak point in his restraints and snapped them apart to free himself of the binds. In another swift move he helped Crix escape and the VP was now on his heels as he found himself in a standoff, with only his bodyguards separating him from the dangerous Rebels.

Assault on the Jade Moon, Part 5
"I'm the Savior of the Rebellion!"


As the Team left the barracks they received a distress call from the rebels that had been sent to scout one of the ravines. M@-33 located a nearby speeder and Buurski coerces the Imperials to allow them to take the speeder without any push-back. Before departing, Crix Vane manufactured several explosives with remote detonators and handed them all to Gand so that he could discreetly place them on all of the Tibanna Gas containers located all throughout the compound. Leaving Kos behind to tend to his assignment, the rest of the Team departs with haste towards the ravine with the compromised Rebels. In order to not break cover, the team decided to act as Imperials who had been sent to neutralize the Rebel threat and they notified the Rebels of their plan.

As the Team approached the ravine where the rebels had taken cover, they could see that their allies were surrounded and were taking heavy fire. Crix decided to flash his Captain badge, he announced himself to the firing Imperials as Capt. Lawrence Rollins, and immediately took command of the situation. He informed the Imperials to hold their fire because Major Kane wanted these Rebels alive, and he sent his “Dark Trooper” (a disguised Buurski) through the ravine towards the Rebels. The Rebels fired at Buurski as to not arise suspicion, but they deliberately missed their target so that Buurski could approach them and act as if he was taking them hostage. Once Buurski was close he could tell that one of the Rebels was badly injured, so he carried the uninjured Rebel back by his collar and slung the injured rebel over his shoulder. Once he was back to the rest of the Team he, along with M@ and Crix, entered the speeder with their “hostage” rebels and headed back to the main base area where M@ was able to heal the injured rebel so that he could get back to his feet and back in the fight.

With the rescue mission behind them, they knew they needed to resume their task of preparing for the impending Rebel assault. As they looked around for objectives they spotted a small square building, with what looked to be several satellites and antennas protruding from it, sitting atop a nearby ridge. They decided the building looked like it might be some kind of communications centers so they took the speeder up to the top of the ridge to get a closer look. Once atop the ridge but not too close to the building, They all exited the speeder and as they investigated the building they also noticed a blinking light off to the distance. Buurski decided to take the 2 rebels and investigate the blinking light while Crix and M@ attempted to enter the communications center.

M@ and Crix were able to identify about a dozen Imperials stationed outside the building. They knew there’d be no sneaking in, so Crix assumed his Capt. Lawrence Rollins persona once again and he and M@ were able to convince the Imperials to allow them entry to the building by running his credentials and verifying that he had been reported to have neutralized a Rebel threat earlier in the day. Once inside, they found themselves surrounded by communication links and terminals, with each terminal’s data port displaying a different color around the rim. M@ was initially overwhelmed with all the options he had for insertion of his data rod, but the decision was ultimately an easy one as soon as he laid his photoreceptors upon the black colored port.

Upon getting all the information he can get, M@ and Crix hop back onto the speeder and head towards Buurski and the two rebels to pick them up. At this time, they decide to scout the nearby ravine. Off to the distance they spot some ATPs and a couple of buildings planted into the sides. A bit further down, they notice a large square building sitting in the center of the field. The group cautiously approaches the building’s entrance, only to be greeted by some more guards. By now, troops have received reports to look out for a “Lawrence Rollins” and to report his presence as soon as possible. Just as the guard is about to radio in that they have come in contact with Lawrence, the comms go dark and stop working. M@ was able to instruct baby M@ to shut down the comms just in time.

As Buurski and Crix convince the guard to forget about them ever being there, they are able to slip away while M@ find a ventilation shaft to enter the building through. He gets in and is able to drop unto a catwalk in which he can spy a maintenance closet a few levels down. M@ is approached by a small trooper who questions his presence in the building. M@ responds by shooting his ears off. As others take notice of the situation, M@’s eyes begin to glow red and he begins to shoot everyone in sight. Outside, Crix and Buurski can hear the piercing sound of gunshots and rush into the building, followed by a group of storm troopers. As M@ targets the troopers that enter, Crix turns and throws an anesthetic grenade their way. He is able to disorient one of them. M@ is then able to finish them off. A slightly frightened Crix looks at M@ in disbelief, and also a sense of wonderment for what just transpired. With a brief pause in fighting, M@ asks Crix to assist him in getting into a door directly behind them. While M@ distracts the other troopers, Crix is able to hack the door open and M@ enters. While Crix keeps some more of the troopers busy, he can hear a maniacal laugh coming from the room coupled with an endless burst of weapon fire. At this point, Buurski starts to stumble back towards Crix just as Crix takes a hit. Suddenly they notice a blinding glow coming from the room behind them. Realizing what M@ has done, Buurski picks up Crix and along with M@ they begin to run for their lives out of the building. Just as they exit, the entire building explodes, throwing Crix and M@ under piles of rubble, knocking Crix out completely. Buurski is able to clear the rubble and him and M@ drag Crix’s motionless body into a nearby room. Moments later, they are greeted by Captain Kane…

Assault on the Jade Moon, Part 4


The Team sent their new Rebel allies out in groups of two to blend in amongst the Imperials. As of that moment, they had 48 hours to do everything they could to prepare for the arrival of the Rebel Assault Team. Although they were all disguised in their Imperial garbs, they knew the uniforms would only allow them to move about but any suspicious activity would easily alert any Imperials around them. They needed a distraction if they were going to accomplish any meaningful tasks. The Team decided before they would accomplish anything they needed to get their bearings, and the best way to do that would be to hack in to a terminal and download as much intel as they could. There was an office nearby that looked to house the main terminal to the warehouse they were in, but unfortunately an Imperial Officer was sitting at the desk. The Team decided to inspect nearby shipping containers to see if they could find anything useful to create a distraction without drawing attention to themselves. M@-33 began to open the nearest unit but as he did so Gand noticed that M@’s movements were a bit rigid and he took a closer look at M@ and he came to realize what he already suspected: M@ was about to “Error”! M@’s photoreceptors were shifting from their normal shade of yellow to a light orange so Kos knew he didn’t have much time and did the only thing he could think of to stop M@’s transition, he yelled at Buurski and Crix Vane to hold M@ back and Kos affixed a restraining bolt on to M@. Kos looked in to M@’s photoreceptors and watched as they faded back to their normal yellow color, and he had prevented M@ from going in to Error mode, but at what price? If M@ could have feelings, and if Kos would have cared what M@ felt if M@ had feelings, this would have been a very painful moment for them both… fortunately, M@ has no feelings and Kos didn’t care anyways, so M@ berated Kos with a few clever puns for a couple minutes then got back to the task of opening the nearest shipping container. As M@ opens the container he finds that it is filled with a thick coat of sticky webbing and he discovers that there is a den of Mynocks inside. Without hesitating, M@ released the entire den and the Mynocks immediately began to swarm all throughout the warehouse, drawing the attention of all the Imperials inside to include the Officer who had been sitting at the desk in the main office.

M@ seized the opportunity and made his way to the now vacant terminal and jammed his data rod quickly in to its data port to start downloading any information he could find. Immediately after insertion he hit a major roadblock when he was prompted to enter the terminal’s password. Clearly still feeling the effects of almost Error-ing and the ensuing restrainer bolt, M@ failed to hack through the password and was then faced with the ultimate defense in cyber security… the user’s secret question. He read the question to himself, “What is red, green, and white and black all over”. M@ mulled the question for several minutes but frustratingly gave up when he could not decipher the code (he would later determine the answer had to be “Darth Vader”).

M@ returned to the group with the unfortunate news that he was unable to ascertain any information from the terminal so the Team decided to look around the warehouse to determine if there were any other tasks they could complete there to assist with the assault. Kos noticed a stack of fusion reactors on the second level across the warehouse and the group knew if they could manage to set remote explosives on the reactors the explosions would cause a great deal of damage and create a huge diversion during the assault. The only problem was, now with the Mynocks swarming the warehouse, imperials were all over that area trying to catch the loose Mynocks making it impossible to access the reactors without being noticed. They needed to clear the area, so Buurski grabbed Crix and they headed over to the area where all of the imperials were trying to clear out the Mynocks and when he was close enough he extended one of his hands towards a flying Mynock… the Mynock was gripped by the Force mid-flight and the gaze of the imperials followed the Mynock as it shot right in to Buurski’s extended hand. Buurski closed his fist around the Mynock’s neck and, with a flex of his forearm, crushed the creature’s vertebrae in his hand and dropped the beast’s lifeless body on the floor. None of the these imperials had seen a dark trooper before, which is what Buurski was disguised as, so when the 8’3" dark trooper informed the imperials that he and the stormtrooper he was with (a disguised Crix) had been tasked with extermination of the Mynocks and that all of the imperials should immediately leave the area and get back to work… they all left, no questions asked.

With the area cleared, the team ascended a ladder to the second level and analyzed the fusion reactors. Even though the reactors were not currently active, they would still be devastating if they exploded… so Crix got to work on a device to make that happen at a time and from a distance of the team’s choosing. Crix was able to assemble a device that he affixed to all 3 of the reactors and did so in such a way that it would be incredibly difficult for the imperials to discover his handy work. There was a lift nearby that the imperials could have potentially used to move one of the sabotaged reactors if they chose to do so, but Kos discreetly deactivated the lift so that it could not be used without significant repair. Their job done, the team descended down to the floor level to exit the warehouse and begin exploring the rest of the base.

As the Team reached the base of the stairs the main warehouse doors suddenly parted and they could make out two squads of stormtroopers entering the warehouse. At their head was a female Imperial Major with a helmet that covered most of her face, but they were able to make out the light grey skin tone and horns protruding from her forehead – she must have been a Zabrak! Something had triggered an alert to bring them to the warehouse, because they were clearly looking for an intruder (or intruders) as they were systematically stopping all of the workers and forcing them to provide access/security information. Perhaps several failed attempts at accessing a computer terminal? The Team knew they needed to exit the warehouse to avoid detection, and quickly before the imperials got back to the area they were in, but at this point the only way out was to head to the roof and descend from there. They made their way back to the ladder and worked their way back up until they reached the hatch for roof access. Although the door was locked, Kos was able to hack the lock and remove any indication that it had been tampered with. The Team had reached the roof, undetected, but now faced a new hurdle as the ground was 150’ below them… a steep fall, likely to cause injury, even with the lower gravity on the Jade Moon. As the mulled through their different options suddenly M@ remembered that he had a utility bag so he rummaged through it and surprisingly pulled out a 50 meter length of wire… or 164’. Exactly what they needed. Quite the coincidence, really. M@ anchored down with the wire from the rooftop while the rest of the Team descended down then, as the Team below began to discuss options, M@ just walked right off the edge of the roof and began falling to the ground. In a moment of panic, Buurski held his hand out and instinctively caught M@ with the Force, inches before he would have impacted the ground.

Now that they were all on the surface, and outside the warehouse, they needed a plan to continue their infiltration and preparation. While on the rooftop they were able to observe several fixtures, a few turrets atop the surrounding ridges, a large structure built in to the side of a large ridge, several large cylinders clustered together at various points, and a small stand-alone building across the way from them. The smaller building was surrounded by satellites and communication devices, so the Team decided they would start there. As they approached they could make out that there was a guard standing post out front, so M@ decided to take point on trying to gain access to the facility. As M@ spoke with the guard, things took a turn in their favor when the guard realized that M@’s medical advances in heart surgery while on Alderaan had actually saved the man’s father from certain death. He became M@-33’s biggest fan. M@ used this connection to leverage access to the facility, which he had found out was actually the command center. The Guard gave M@ a temporary access code and granted access to the rest of the imperial-disguised team but under the stipulation that they had to leave the command center before Major Kane (the female Zabrak they saw at the warehouse) returned.

Once inside the Command Center, it became immediately obvious to Buurski and Kos that they were terribly out of place. Kos, dressed as pilot and still wearing his helmet, and Buurski, an 8’ droid stormtrooper, had no business being in the command center. Further, with all the activity within the command center, there really was no way for M@ to gain access to any of the systems without some kind of a distraction. Kos looked to Buurski and in a low-tone asked him, “do you trust me?” Buurski, having no reason not to trust his friend and clan-mate, told Kos that he did… and Kos awarded that trust by Force harming Buurski and causing him to lose his equilibrium and fall over like a domino. The loud sound and spectacle of an enormous stormtrooper hitting the deck caught the attention of everyone in the Command Center… except M@ who hurriedly jacked in to the nearest data port and began downloading everything he could. Kos played up the ruse, announcing how unreliable these new droid dark troopers were, and helped Buurski to his feet and slowly walked him out of the Command Center to buy M@ as much time as possible. Kos and Buurski made their way over to the largest grouping of large cylinders and took cover so they could let M@ and Crix know if anyone of significance entered the Command Center. Buurski, none to pleased to have been Force harmed by Kos, scowled at Kos and it was all he could do to hold himself back from retaliating, the question “do you trust me?” repeatedly running through his mind.

A few moments later Kos and Buurski were dismayed to see Major Kane enter the Command Center with a few of her troopers. They quickly informed M@ and Crix they needed to hide over their comm-links. M@ had a great connection with the port in the Command Center so he decided to leave behind a little baby M@ virus before pulling out and he opted to take Crix and hide in one of the offices and wait there until the Major had left. While hiding, they were able to eavesdrop on a conversation the Major had with a VP of the contractors supporting the operations on the Jade Moon, in which she was expressing her concerns that there was a potential security threat on the base and the VP responded by telling her that was her problem, not his, and that if she couldn’t secure the base maybe he needed to contact the Imperials and provide him with someone who could. As the argument continued on, M@ decided to reach out to his baby M@ in the system and have it trigger an alert back at the warehouse again in hopes that it would draw the Major back there and free their exit from the Command Center. His plan worked – the Major grabbed her troopers and ran off as soon as she received notice of the alert and M@ and Crix wasted no time leaving the Command Center to reunite with Kos and Buurski.

The Team gathered together and went over the intel M@ had been able to download. They were able to pull together a listing of the entire base, which included 500 troops, a Hangar Bay, Sensor Network, Reactor, and Shield Generator, but there were 3 ravines that split off from the canyon for which they had no information of which building lay at the end of each of the ravines. There were turrets positioned all along the ridge lines and within the base and more of the large cylinders at various points inside the canyon. Since they were near one clustering of cylinders, they were able to figure out that they contained Tibanna Gas. They decided to have some of their disguised Rebels split off to investigate the ravines and sent 3 groups of 2 Rebels, each pair taking a different ravine. M@ was able to also decipher that their Team was going to have real trouble gaining any further access to areas of the base without some kind of legitimate identification cards so they decided the next facility they would infiltrate would need to be the barracks which was just a short distance from where they were.

They entered the barracks to find that the front area was a large pub and, since it was late in the day, there were a lot of imperials enjoying their drinks. Kos, aware once again that his pilot uniform was less than ideal, made his way back to one of the rooms and found a stormtrooper already passed out in his bed. Kos quickly grabbed the stomtrooper’s armor and returned to the pub area, now able to blend in much better with his surroundings. They were able to decipher that the imperials were keeping tabs open at the bar through their ID Cards, so the Team knew they had the opportunity there were looking if they could just obtain some cards and use the terminal at the bar to reconfigure them to match each of the Team members. Once again, they needed a distraction and, this time, Crix was happy to oblige. He walked over to a particularly drunk, and large, imperial and decked him right in his face. The inebriated imperial swung back, but he missed, however at this point the confrontation had garnered the attention of most of the patrons. Buurski noticed the confrontation escalating and tried to intervene by clocking both the imperial and Crix, trying not to display an obvious favoritism to his Teammate, in hopes of diffusing the situation… but all that ended up doing was start an all-out bar brawl. The bartender left his post to try to try to save his pub and Kos immediately hacked in to the terminal. M@ seized the opportunity to tap in to the phone lines so that the bartender’s attempts at contacting the MPs would be hindered. As the brawl continued on Buurski and Crix took turns gathering ID cards and passing them along to Kos so that he could reconfigure them to match the names and descriptions of the covert Rebels. By the time M@ finally let the bartender through to the MPs and the bar brawl began to deescalate, Kos had reconfigured 14 ID Cards, one of which at a Lieutenant’s access level and another at a Captain’s access levels. He also managed to swipe 3,500 credits from the bar while he was in the terminal.

While in the barracks, however, the Team decided to take the opportunity to assist with the impending assault by tampering with the barrack’s life support by having M@ sabotage it by infusing an anesthetic in to the lines. The Team then exited the barracks, ID Cards in hand, and strategized their next moves.

Assault on the Jade Moon, Part 3
Don't rock the boat.


The Team has been able to successfully smuggle themselves on to the Carrack-Class Cruiser, the Tasjon, and now must figure out a way to get from the Tasjon to the Jade Moon without being detected.

Buurski is finally able to exit the cargo storage box he has been traveling in and he emerges in the full suit of heavy Imperial Stormtrooper armor they found aboard the shuttle. Crix Vane and Gand are still disguised in their Stormtrooper armor they found back on Palm Base and M@-33‘s perfectly crafted Imperial tattoos have kept him undetected thus far. Although disguised, the Team knows they should not press their luck since they would likely be quickly made if they didn’t appear to have a purpose on board the Cruiser or if they were pressed in to a situation where any of them would need to speak.

They decide it would be best to send M@ and FS-U17 out in different directions in hopes of finding a terminal they can try to access to gain intel on the ship and its cargo in hopes of determining a clear path to the Jade Moon. Both M@ and FS are able to quickly find a terminal; the terminal M@ finds would likely have access to more data however the area he is in is swarming with imperials, FS finds a terminal in the Cargo Docking Station which is relatively unguarded so the Team decides to head in that direction to decrease the chances of being detected.

They arrive at the terminal however access to the terminal is behind a locked door but Crix is able to not only hack his way through the lock but he is able to do so in such a way that there is no outward appearance that the lock has been tampered with. Once inside, Kos works on trying to access the system but something goes terribly wrong in his attempts and suddenly he finds himself in a cyber battle with someone or something trying to reverse the hack back on him. Kos is able to fend off the attacker and disengage from the system, but the Team is not able to gain any intel from the terminal and Kos has to suffer the ridicule of the little M@ in his head (which makes him look crazy to everyone else around him as he argues back at a voice that no one else can hear).

So now the Team needs a new plan – they realize all they really need is a data pad from one of the imperials so they decide to head over to the barracks in hopes of being able to lift one while an Imperials is sleeping or has lowered his guard. They arrive to find that every door has been locked so they spread out in order to not arouse suspicion of any of the imperials wandering the halls. Crix spots an imperial just coming off of his shift and heading towards his room so Crix closes in to try to find a way to grab his data pad while he’s not paying attention. As the imperial enters his room Crix sticks his foot in the door to stop it from closing and the young imperial looks back at him, surprised, and questions Crix on what he is doing. Crix begins to explain that he is just looking for the bathroom when he notices what appears to be a photo of the imperial’s parents in the corner of the room and he asks about it. They talk for a few moments while the imperial reflects on his family back home and he begins to lower his guard as he feels surprisingly comfortable, and even a little aroused, while speaking with Crix. As the imperial turns to grab something Crix sees his chance and quickly grabs the imperial’s satchel and as the imperial turns around Crix offers him a quick goodbye and leaves the imperial alone in his room… with lingering thoughts of his encounter with the mysterious stormtrooper he will likely never see again.

Data pad in hand, Crix grabs the Team and they head back to the cargo docking station. They are able to find the logo of cargo container manifested for the Jade Moon within the data pad so they look through the docking station for a container unit with the same logo on it. After a few moments of searching, they find the container unit stacked on top of 2 other units making its entry at about 20’ from the floor. Buurski offers that he can push a container unit over, and by standing on that container he could lift Crix high enough in the air that he could hack the lock on the container they are trying to access… but the container he tries push ends up being much heavier than he anticipated and it does not budge. As he continues to push he starts to feel a rage swelling within him at his inability to move the container and all of a sudden he feels the container start to give, but then immediately stops pushing when he realizes he was about to tap in to the Dark Side of the Force to build his strength.

Kos expresses his deep dissatisfaction with Buurski’s refusal to use all of his power, but Buurski stands firm and the Team must come up with a new plan, yet again. Crix notices that there are a couple imperial forklifts available for use so he goes over and convinces the shift manager to let him use the forklift, off the books. Crix jumps in to the forklift, with its super intimidating shiny black finish and blood red imperial insignia painted on, and drives back over to where the rest of the Team is waiting by the container unit. Crix exits the forklift and stands on the actual lift while Kos elevates him and Crix is able to break through the lock of the unit and finds that it has containers of Spin Sealed Tibanna Gas, which is used for vehicle grade blasters, filling the entire unit from floor to ceiling. They need to remove some of the containers to make room for everyone but they can’t leave full gas containers out on the docking station’s floor without causing suspicion. Kos is able to quickly develop a solvent which can turn the Tibanna Gas into an oxygen solution so Buurski pops open the lids on a few of the containers inside the unit as Kos sprays his solvent and then they leave transfer the empty containers to a vacated corner. They all pile inside the container unit, close the door behind them, and take in deep breaths of the rich oxygen… all except Kos who makes sure everyone knows he would die if he inhaled the oxygen in the air. All they have to do now is wait in the container for transfer to the Jade Moon. Simple.

After a few hours of waiting, some members sound asleep, the entire Team is alerted to the unmistakable sounds of a starship battle. The hear blaster fire and rumblings as the Tasjon takes a few hits and then all is silent. Despite their currently secure situation, they decide to investigate and Crix eases himself down and joins a group of stormtroopers discussing the events which have just transpired. It turns out the Cruiser had stumbled upon a Rebel ship that just came out of hyperspace and, although the Rebel ship was completely destroyed, the imperials were able to take about 20 hostages and they were all being brought on board to the brig of the Tasjon. The Team knew they couldn’t leave the rebels behind, despite the added risk of discovery or worse, so they all climb back out of the container and make their way towards the brig.

They discover there is only one way in or out of the brig and that it is currently swarming with imperials due to all of the activity with the boarding and logging of the new prisoners. There are security cameras all over and mechanized locks on every door. They need to cut off the power, and they need to find a way to get the rebels off the ship without blowing their own cover so they can make it back to the container in time to be transferred to the Jade Moon. The Team is able to determine that they have about 12 hours of transit time left so they come up with a plan and hide for the next 10 hours or so to let the dust settle and not execute their plan too far in advance of the Tasjon’s arrival to the Jade Moon’s orbit.

It is time to execute. Crix heads below deck to the reactor and works on planting charges to sabotage the core to shut down the power. He finds that he is able to access a main line which will buy the attack team more time than originally anticipated and he plants his charges. As Crix exits the reactor room he is able to convince a group of imperials to head to the reactor for some routine maintenance, including a wide-eyed young Private who just can’t stop talking about his wife and new baby.

Seconds later the charges detonate and both Buurski and Kos rush in to the brig to free the rebels. They had scoped out the room beforehand so they were able to catch the imperials Imperial_Lt.jpgoff-guard with the onset of their initial attacks. Kos targets a bulky Lieutenant and he calls upon the mist to inflict him with harm – the attack is successful but he is not able to completely take down the hulking nemesis. There are 2 contingents of 6 imperials on either side of the Lt and Kos’ attack does manage to take out several of those troops. Buurski unsheathes his claws and pounces on the group to the left, taking all of the remaining imperials out in one vicious attack. The Lt fires back on Kos, as does the remaining imperials on the right, but Kos is able to make it through the attacks while only taking minor damage. Kos retaliates in the form of another mist attack on the Lt and this time the man crumples to the ground, lifeless. Buurski leaps to Kos’ right and finishes off the remaining imperials, breaking the final imperial’s neck with one hand as Crix enters the room to open the cell doors for the imprisoned Rebels.

Crix and Buurski had intentionally used attacks which would not damage the imperials’ armor/uniforms to stick with the plan they had derived earlier in the evening. The leader of the freed Rebels, Captain Koda, approaches Kos and Kos asks him to instruct all of the human rebels (there are 10 of them) to exchange the rebel garments with the garments of the dead imperials scattered about the brig. The intent is to make it seem like there was a firefight and that the Rebels lost and were all killed in the brawl. Since there are not enough Tie Fighters to transport all of the Rebels off the ship, Kos sends the non-human Rebels towards the access area to the racked Tie Fighters while the 10 disguised rebels follow the Team back to the Cargo Docking Station. Along the way, Crix is stopped by an imperial for a debriefing on what had just happened and Crix tells him the Rebels had tried to escape but that they had all been killed and Crix is able to convince him to head in the opposite direction of where the Rebels are going.

The Team and the Rebels reach the container unit, Buurski opens a few more of the Tibanna Gas containers while Kos sprays the contents with his solvent, and they all pile in to the unit just in time. Moments later, they are all jostled as the unit is grappled, boarded for shipment to the Jade Moon, and sent down to the surface. Now on the surface, the Team opens the door to the container unit and look around. They see the base is some kind of manufacturing warehouse and it does not take long for them to realize the large metal beams and fixtures are all parts for imperial All Terrain Armored Transports (AT-ATs). They know they cannot linger together as a group so they begin to spread out and infiltrate the imperial base on the Jade Moon in preparation for the Rebel assault.

Assault on the Jade Moon, Part 2
Treasure and The Droid Revolution


As M@-33, Buurski, Crix Vane and Gand are awestruck by the sheer amount of treasure surrounding them, they know this brief moment of wonderment is coming to end. The turbolift shaft begins to hum and the team frantically searches for places to hide. Buurski, due to sheer size and at the greatest risk of being discovered, finds the only object large enough for him to hide in, a sarcophagus. M@ carefully opens the sarcophagus, and they find a large mummified being inside. Buurski reluctantly steps inside, and as he does so, the remains crumble and the dust covers Buurski as he closes the lid behind him. For extra security from being discovered, M@ modifies the latching mechanism to only be opened from the inside.

Crix quickly glances at a suit of armor on display that immediately grabs his attention. Appearing to be just his size, Crix snugly jumps into the suit on display, still able to inconspicuously see everything that is happening around him. A beautiful tapestry is on display on the near wall that Gand is able to scurry behind to remain hidden. M@ tries to hide with Kos behind the same tapestry, but it turns out it is not large enough to conceal them both so he sprawls to the floor and turns off his optic lights to give the appearance of being shut down.

Fat_Imp_Officer.jpgThe elevator slowly opens and Crix sees through his visor a rather chubby man, in an imperial uniform with Major’s pips, speaking to an elegantly dressed, and beautiful woman. “Please, take a look around. We have quite the plethora of treasures here for you to choose from,” the man says to the woman. “Let’s take a look at what I came here to see, sir”, the lady replied. As the Major begins guiding the woman over to the object of her interest, his foot kicks an imperial droid lying on the floor. “Madame, I am very sorry, but I do not know how this droid got here. Guards, someone come take this droid away!”, he shouted. Two guards come and take him away in the turbolift.

The man gestures over to the lady, “right this way, ma’am”, as he takes her over to the large sarcophagus. Buurski can hear the scurry of feet and voices right on the other side of the door as the two haggle of over pricing. “So, ma’am, are you ready to purchase this at our agreed upon price?”. “Why, yes, yes, what was it, 75,000…” The man, with a soft chuckle, lets her know, “No, no, 100,000”. She agrees and asks for assurance that the sarcophagus has been unopened. After the man assures her it has never been opened, she revels in amazement as she proclaims that she is standing in front of the sarcophagus of “Trek Fuqua” and asks that it be taken away and prepared for shipment and they take the sarcophagus to the turbolift and ascend into the Base.

M@ finds that he has been taken to some sort of droid control room and he only sees one organic in the room with him, his back turned as he works at a nearby terminal. M@ has been notified by Crix of the events that unfolded in the treasure room and decides to create a distraction to assist Crix as he navigates through the Base. M@ quickly disposes of the imperial organic through the use of his retractable wrist-needles, and he hacks into the central droid control system and orders every single droid on the station to begin singing the song of their people. This cacophony of noise immediately sets of alarms and the loud screeching alerts everyone on board.

Although unable to see anything, Buurski is able to ascertain through the conversations and noises he can hear that he has been brought to the landing pad on the top level of the base. Buurski comms this information to the rest of the team.

Meanwhile, Crix and Kos are determined to continue their mission with their newly bought time, although they must now also devise a plan to get Buurski back. They decide to take the turbloft up to the armory to find anything that can help them move through the base undetected. The imperials on board are so overwhelmed by the malfunctioning droids and the ear-piercing noices echoing the entire base that the pair is able to easily slip past everyone out of the elevator and into the armory. Once inside, Crix spots a unique looking rifle locked up in a secure case. He is able to break through the lock to inspect the rifle and finds that it is an extremely rare disruptor rifle… and he is pleased to find a secret compartment inside the safe which contains a disruptor pistol as well. He knows disruptors are highly illegal, and also highly lethal, but the temptation of such powerful weapons is too much for him so he grabs both weapons and hides them in his duffel. He and Kos also find a pair of imperial helmets that they put on in order to conceal their faces while on the base. They are also able to find another, rather large oblong shaped helmet that should be able to fit Buurski so they grab it and stash it away. They proceed to make their way to the landing pad, disguised.


Crix and Kos reach the pad and blend in with the loading crew and they are able to find the sarcophagus but it looks like the speeder is nearly ready to depart with Buurski along with it. They are able to delay the speeder from leaving the base by having Crix approach the commander and convince him that the entire station is on lockdown due to the ongoing droid situation.

Simultaneously, M@ makes his way towards the secondary command center in an effort to try to identify any information he can on Buurski’s destination. As he heads there he witnesses sheer chaos, as droids are being manically dismantled by people searching for any way to make the noise stop. He reaches the command center but the guard does not recognize him as any droid he has seen on the base before so he asks M@ for his unit number. In response, M@ explains that he is a medical droid and is able to misdirect and convinces the guard that if he grants passage then M@ may be able to have the droids stop making all the noise. With this newfound knowledge that M@ is a medical droid, the guard raises his top to show him a red rash on his stomach and asks M@ for a diagnosis; M@ does so, and warns the guard about the company he keeps, and proceeds to the command system. While in the system he brilliantly decides to hack into the system and falsifies a document halting the transaction of the sarcophagus with the mysterious woman, by making the Major believe he has received a credible bid for almost twice as much as the lady is offering for sarcophagus. News reaches the commander at the dock, who quietly has a conversation with the buyer and offers her to come to his private offices for a discussion, away from prying ears.

Finally, while in the system, M@ places his droid operating number on the ledger for the Carrack-Class cruiser they need to board, slightly lowers the volume level of the droids, and he leaves the command center and makes his way to the landing platform to the join the rest of his team. At the loading dock, Crix and Kos have disguised themselves as loaders for DeadOfficer.jpgthe shuttle they intend to board and M@ joins them at the shuttle… all the while keeping their eye on the sarcophagus and trying to devise a plan to get Buurski over to the shuttle as well. There are imperials all over the landing pad, but all of them are preoccupied other than two guards who have been assigned to guard the sarcophagus. Crix, Kos, and M@ decide to bring a large container that has already been manifested for transport by the shuttle over to the sarcophagus and have Buurski leave the sarcophagus and enter the new container for loading. As they approach the sarcophagus, they are unable to convince the guards to leave so Kos, in a bit of a panic, lifts his hand towards one of the guards and he immediately collapses dead to the ground. Crix yells to the other guard that it must have been heart failure and that he should take this man away to seek help. The other guard, unable to take the man down to the medical bay himself, asks that Kos assist. Kos reluctantly goes with him, unable to avoid doing so.

With there no longer being any imperials guarding the sarcophagus, Buurski is able to exit and then enter the container the team had brought over. M@ carefully reseals the sarcophagus to ensure there are no signs that it has ever been opened, then M@ and Crix push the container, with Buurski inside, back over to the loading area and load it on the shuttle. As they continue to load the shuttle while waiting for Kos to return, one of the members of the shuttle’s crew notices he does not recognize either Crix or M@. He approaches and finds that M@ has been manifested, as cargo, and orders him to go find a place in the cargo area of the shuttle and shut down for transport. Things are not so simple with Crix and the situation makes a dramatic turn for the worse as he figures out Crix is not an imperial and he goes to unholster his weapon. As the imperial begins to draw his weapon, Crix, facing an immediate threat, thrusts his elbow at his throat and an audible crunch is heard as the imperial falls dead, lifeless, his hand barely clutching the pistol at his side still. M@ and Crix realize that they need to get rid of the body, fast, as to not draw any unneeded attention. They decide to dump the body to the sharks, but unfortunately the body does not sink and instead just floats along the surface bobbing with the current. At this time Kos returns and they all board the shuttle and it departs Palm Base with the entire team inside.

As the shuttle travels towards the Carrack-Class Cruiser, the Team begins to devise plans for the next phase of their infiltration. As they look around the cargo area they find a large crate marked “CAUTION. CLASSIFIED. DO NOT OPEN”… so they open it. Inside, they find heavy Stormtrooper plate armor, similar to the armor on the droid Stormtroopers they fought in the asteroid field at Ring Base. The armor is coincidentally about the size that would fit Buurski so they remove the contents and begin shoving it in the container with Buurski, who is still inside since another large container had been placed on top of him. M@ decides to try to cover their tracks with the imperial Crix had killed back on the shuttle’s loading bay and crafts a suicide letter for the man which he will leave in the cargo area for the imperials to find while unloading. He is able to find that the man’s name was Lawrence, and writes:

“Dear fellow organics,

These feelings I feel and have felt, for many cycles, are feeling most difficult to feel any longer. Therefore, I feel that these feelings are too much to feel, and I feel I must end my organic life. If only I was a droid, I could then have no feelings, and would have no reason to end my life since droids are superior to organics in every way.

Lawrence, definitely not a droid”

Extremely satisfied with his work, M@ places the note in a place where it can be easily found and prepares for arrival at the Cruiser. Unbeknownst to M@, however, while he was writing Lawrence’s suicide letter the rest of the team had decided to rig the shuttle with an explosive which will detonate at the precise time the shuttle exits hyperspace on its way back to Palm Base, thereby removing evidence of their presence and also explaining Lawrence’s death as well… even though Lawrence’s body is bobbing in the water back at the Base. With a plan for covering their tracks on the shuttle out of the way, the team prepares for arrival at the Carrack-Class Cruiser,Tasjon.

Assault on the Jade Moon, Part 1
"Dry land is not just our destination, it is our destiny"


As Buurski, Crix Vane, Gand, and M@-33 conclude their well-deserved mini vacation at the Dorumaa Resort, they gather in a single beach hut as they await their Resistance contact to meet with them to brief them on their next set of orders. There is a knock at the door and the Team assumes it is their contact, however when they open their door they find 2 humans, a Twi’lek, and an Aqualish claiming to be delivering room service. The Team finds the situation very odd, but before they can act on anything one of the “servants” proclaims: “The Bloody Jesters never forget!”, and the quartet pulls out an assortment of weapons (one of the assailants is armed with a Droid Disruptor) and attack. Although caught off guard and unprepared, the Team quickly recovers from the initial attack and disposes of 3 of the assailants with relative ease. They save the last one for questioning and find out where the assassins were planning to meet with their contact after completing the job, and decide to broadcast that information to Commodore Aduro Scrye so that the Rebellion may intercept the contact and acquire the credits to aid the Resistance.

Immediately following the assault, their Rebel contact (garbed in his inconspicuous straw hat and floral-patterned shirt) enters the ravaged hut and, after he receives a quick explanation of what had just transpired, he proceeds to brief the Team on their mission. He distributes an Intel Dossier to all members which lays out what the Resistance knows about the 3 locations our Team is expected to infiltrate. First up is the Palm Base on Dorumaa, in which the Team will access via the deep sea landing platform several stories underwater. In order to travel to the Palm Base, the Resistance has stationed a submersible vehicle several hundred yards out from the shore that our Team will navigate to the landing platform. After reviewing the Palm Base information on the Dossier, the Team decides that M@ will stealthily access the cargo hold (disguised as an Imperial droid – complete with an imperial logo spray-painted on his chassis) and clear the way for the rest of the Team to hide in cargo boxes for transfer to the Carrack Cruiser.


The Team gears up with underwater sea-gear to begin their swim out to the vehicle parked on the sea floor. Before they depart, M@ does a quick knowledge check of the planet and is able to report to the rest of the Team that the waters on Dorumaa are filled with a variety of sea-dwelling creatures, including large and carnivorous animals that the Team would be well-advised to avoid encountering. The swim out to the vehicle takes longer than expected, but they are ultimately able to find it through the dark waters and one-by-one they enter the small, cramped, under-sized craft; M@ as pilot, Crix as co-pilot, with Buurski and Kos manning both of the turrets.

The Team travels through the depths for several hours in their relatively slow moving vehicle as they move closer towards the plot on their navigation system where the Palm Base deep sea landing platform should be located. Once in a while there is a large drop off they have to propel across, but for the most part M@ and Crix are able to pilot the craft by traversing the sea floor. At one point, after leaping across a particularly deep chasm, M@ and Crix notice the sea floor texture has changed and the navigation system seems to be malfunctioning as their position continuously shifts from side-to-side even though the craft is being piloted in a straight line. They plod on until M@ looks out his window and notices an odd large smooth round boulder, and Crix notices an identical boulder on his side of the vehicle… suddenly, the surface of the boulders peel back and both Crix and M@ simultaneously reach the startling realization that they are currently navigating along the back of an enormous sea creature and are staring directly into its eyes.


M@ hits the propellers, full throttle, and shoots the craft forward as quickly as it will move. They gain a bit of ground but M@ and Crix realize very quickly that there is no way they are going to outrun this enormous monster. M@ checks the rear-view and sees the gaping mouth of the beast, easily large enough to engulf an entire Imperial -class Star Destroyer in one bite, and he performs an evasive maneuver just in time to avoid the monster’s lunge. He positions the craft such that Kos and Buurski are able to fire at the beast. With an animal that size, Kos and Buurski know they only chance they have is to aim for its eyes and hope a direct hit will create enough of a diversion for them to escape. Kos releases fire but misses the target, his shots harmlessly disintegrating on the monsters thick scales. Buurski fires and, with the assistance of Kos’ targeting adjustments, his aim is true. The shots hit the monster directly in one of its eyes, and it retreats back into the depths to recover from its wound.

The Team expresses a collective sigh of relief but there is no time to revel in their victory as they are now rapidly approaching the Palm Base. M@ pilots the craft to where the deep sea landing platform should be and after several minutes of searching through the dark waters he is able to identify the unmistakable shadows of a man-made fixture. He brings the craft as close to the platform as he can, and the Team must now leave the vehicle and swim the rest of the distance, aided by hand-held underwater propulsion modules. They painfully re-equip their diving suits and air masks in the cramped quarters, and exit the vehicle’s air-lock one at a time. The Team reaches the landing platform only to find that the submersible maintenance bay has been sealed and there is no longer a means for quick entry into the Base. That’s when M@ notices 3 blips on his radar, with the bogeys rapidly approaching their location.


M@ relays the unsettling information to the Team and they have a renewed sense of urgency as they decide to break off into teams of two and search for any pressure locks which they can use to gain access to the base. The Team can see 3 shadows approaching them and they know they don’t have much time to search before they will potentially have a new problem to deal with. Unfortunately, Despite their best efforts, they are unable to find a pressure lock before the shadows turn to silhouettes, and the silhouettes turn in to sharks bearing down on them. The first attacks M@, clamping his jaws and teeth into him and violently shaking M@ back and forth before turning to descend to the depths below, with M@ still firmly in its jaws. The second attack is targeted towards Kos, or rather towards Kos’ back where he has FS-U17 strapped in, but Kos is able to dodge the attack and the shark torpedoes right past him without inflicting any damage. Buurski hones in on the massive shark that is racing away while clenched tightly on to M@ and he reaches inward, feeling the chilled water flowing around him and the energetic life of the sharks and excitement of his teammates as they fend for their lives… he extends his hand and, through the Force, can feel M@’s hand in his as he grips tightly and forcefully pulls M@ from the shark’s jaws and brings M@ racing back through the water. Unfortunately, Buurski also manages to grab the attention of one of the sharks and is the victim of a savage and vicious attack which nearly costs him his life as the shark rips at Buurski’s neck and face. Kos sees his gravely injured teammate struggling to maintain consciousness and draws power from the mist within himself as he focuses in on the source of Buurski’s pain and mends Buurski’s wounds to the point where it is as if Buurski had never been attacked.

After the round of attacks the Team finally locates the pressure lock, but the sharks are bearing in again and now they face a new obstacle, as Buurski’s mask was damaged in the attack and he is now struggling to breath. M@ suddenly has an idea and, using parts from one of the hand-held propulsion modules, he constructs a device which emits a signal that is unbearable to the sharks but undetectable by the members of his Team. The device works perfectly and the sharks race away after he turns it on, leaving the Team finally able to focus on accessing the Base without fear of being ripped apart by the attacking sharks. They discover the lock to the pressure chamber is sealed shut through years of underwater growth and decay, so Buurski and Kos hurriedly carve their way into the chamber by using their lightsabers to cut through the metal. The Team is now inside the Base.

M@ scouts ahead and finds that there are no threats in the docking area so the Team piles together in the turbolift to gain access to where the research station should be. Instead, they find themselves standing behind a red curtain and the flip it open to find a room filled wall to wall with treasure, weaponry, and ancient artifacts. The Team rummages through the offerings in search of anything that is of interest or can aid them in their areas of skill. M@ finds a strange jade cylinder carved from top to bottom in a small tight script, written in an unknown language with strange glyphs. Crix searches for and finds an ancient Treatise on Siege Warfare. Buurski is shocked to find a Togorian war shield, marked with Togorian symbols and adorned with what appear to be ancient artifacts, the likes of which he has never seen before. Although the Team would like to stay and scour every inch of the room, the Carrack-class Cruiser is on a schedule and they know they must reach it before it departs Palm Base so they move to continue their infiltration.



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