Star Wars - Fires of Rebellion

Burning Down
If you light the fuse, it will burn

After returning with the Rebel’s weapons, the team is sent on a final mission. Find out exactly why the Empire is so interested in Onderon. The Empire is doing something out in the jungle and no one has been able to discover what.

Worn Welcome
We'll just be going now.

Firefight-EotEUaBS.pngAs pirates poured into the central module of Quark’s Hold Krahkhoar dashed in among them – vibroblades humming – he tore through the surprised aliens. As attackers fell Jett Logan hammered shots into the rest, finishing off the group.

The closet door Archaeon, M@-33, and Dan Sear hid behind began to buckle under the weight of the attackers outside. M@ – with impressive speed – buckled on the remaining armor around Dan Sear. Dan Sear quickly activated the battle armor, and it’s HUD hummed to life as the shoulder mounted blasters calibrated. Archaeon cleared the door as Dan Sear stepped up. He kicked open the door revealing a horde of surprised pirates just a few feet away. Leveling his shoulder-mounted and wrist-mounted blasters, Dan Sear unleashed a hail of fire that flattened the nearest men. Shots pinged off Dan’s armor as the surviving pirates scrambled backwards from the door.

M@ charged out after Dan Sear and shoved the front row of pirates into the way of the others. Archaeon activated his stealth generator and dashed out as well. As he tried to make his way past the pirates he was bowled over and scrambled behind a nearby console. Khrahkhoar, Jett, and Kip dashed after the rodian bounty hunter. Khrahkhoar raced through the hallways attempting to reach the beleagured M@. Jett and Kip, however, stopped at a jagged hole cut by one of the still attached boarding tubes.

Stealthily creeping onto the ship, Jett moved towards the cockpit. Kip came barrelling after him loudly and a shout came from the cockpit. A large Aqualish came storming towards Kip. Completely ignoring the hidden Jett, the aqualish took a shot at Kip. Before he could take another, Jett gunned the pirate down.

From his position Archaeon noticed the sound of boots coming around the corner. Quickly moving to the console, he overrode the security settings and activated the nearby blast door just as another pirate came stumbling through. Dan Sear stepped out into the hallway, and angling his blunderbuss rifles in either direction he unleashed a devastating salvo which scythed through the pirates. M@ pushed forward, knocking out two more pirates; however as he came up to the intersection a man down the hallway leveled a large flechette gun at him. Before the doctor could react the man fired two large canisters that exploded into hundreds of pieces of shrapnel. M@ was shredded and flew backwards with his chassis perforated. Khrahkhoar came up behind the pirate and – with vicious, downward slashes – opened up the man’s back with his vibroswords. The pirate crumpled and Khrahkhoar grabbed the man’s flechette launcher.

The pirate near Archaeon – cut off from his allies – banged on the blast door. However the door’s security failsafe was activated electrocuting the man and sending him flying. Archaeon raced over, and drawing his force pike, drove it through the man. Dan Sear moved up to stand protectively over M@, and blast the lone pirate still standing. Noticing Khrahkhoar, Dan Sear lifted his hand to wave but was engulfed in flame. He and M@ were sucked out into the vacuum of space. Khrahkhoar desperately drove his claws into a nearby generator and held on as the pull of vacuum threatened to tear him loose. With impossible reactions he grabbed the grappling hook from his pack and hurled it towards where Dan Sear had been. The blast door slid shut, catching the remaining rope and sending Khrahkhoar falling to the deck. Archaeon had a moment to leap into a nearby closet and seal the door before the pull of vacuum could tear him out.

As Jett and Kip settled into the pirate ship’s cockpit they saw ships battling around the station. A fighter was facing several freighters, and stray shots were striking the defenseless station. Khrahkhoar raced back towards the freighter Jett had commandeered, and rounded the corner to see several pirates in front of the boarding tube. He let a flechette fly in their direction, which exploded behind them. As they leveled their blasters at the wookie, Jett opened the tube and gunned them down with a hail of fire.

Dan Sear flew away from the station, vaguely catching sight of something metal to his side as he flipped end over end. Angling his blasters away, Dan fired them and went flying towards the metal object. As he struck it he wrapped his arms around the object. His momentum was suddenly halted as a rope attached to the object pulled taught. Getting a better look at the object Dan saw it was M@’s ruined chassis. Using the rope, Dan Sear began pulling them both back towards the Hold. Archaeon found a EVA suit in the storage closet and quickly geared up. Protected, Archaeon moved out to the hallway and jetted towards the rent in the station’s hull. Moving up to the hole he saw the line snaking out, and Dan Sear making his way back in. He pulled Dan and M@ back inside.

Khrahkhoar rushed onboard and Kip pulled the freighter away as Jett blasted at the other freighters. One of the ships began firing at the trio as Kip touched the boarding tube to the top of the Hold’s central unit. Khrahkhoar dropped through and started loading the weapon crates onboard.

As Dan Sear made it back into the station another shot impacted behind the group – blowing them into the Gift’s hangar. Dan shielded the other two from the blast, resulting in the back of his armored suit being melted open.

Double Dealt
Dishonesty catches up with everyone.

As Dan Sear, Jett Logan, Kip Salvo, and M@-33 escaped with Regal Thul’s insurgents, Krahkhoar was attempting to return to The Zerrikus Gift. After a night of enjoyable companionship Krahkhoar stumbled through the alleys of the entertainment district. He quickly noticed he was being followed and leapt up a fire escape to gain a better view of his stalkers. As the men passed underneath, the old fire escape gave way and the wookie landed in a heap on top of one of the men. Drawing his vibroswords he quickly disarmed, and de-handed, one of the men and sent the other one running scared.

A quick interrogation revealed the men were hired by The Imperial Contact to keep tabs on Khrahkhoar in Iziz. After getting answers Krahkhoar let the man go and headed off to his speeder. Kip, having noticed the two insurgents left stranded, began snaking his transport through side streets in an attempt to pick the men up. He finally caught sight of them being pursued by police, and touched the carrier down nearby. Jett laid down covering fire as the men loaded on, then the insurgents finally made their escape.
Archaeon – still running diagnostics on The Gift – noticed the ship’s sensors detected lifeforms in the hangar. He decided to test out his recently completed stealth generator, after activating the device he triggered the ship’s floodlights and stole down the boarding ramp. At first the hangar seemed empty, but he quickly noticed two hidden men carrying blaster rifles and disguised as engineers. He killed the floodlights and, now blinded, attempted to get closer to one of the men. However he ended up bumping into one of the men and ducked away as the man fired wildly around him. Archaeon ran back onto the Gift and sealed the ship. Using the concealed heavy repeating blaster, Archaeon vaporized one of the men.

After discovering the other man climbing on top of the Gift, Archaeon twisted the ship’s turret suddenly and knocked the man unconscious. Archaeon brought the man onboard, and strapped him down. He quickly learned the man had been hired by an Imperial after the group had met with Grand Moff Laras. Archaeon decided to comm the rest of the team. Kip, having just arrived at a warehouse Regal had directed him to, passed coordinates to Khrahkhoar, and instructed the two to meet him there.
As the party was brought into the old warehouse, the dingy rusted metal quickly gave way to a surprisingly modern tactical center. M@ began triaging injuries, as Kip, Jett, and Dan Sear received a tour. Regal admitted that he was incredibly grateful to the team, and that he was afraid to imagine what might have happened if they hadn’t been there. Once the others had arrived, Regal proceeded to tell them his campaign against the Empire wasn’t an isolated resistance. There were others groups in Iziz, and other groups across the galaxy he was allied with, all of which were opposing the Empire’s tyranny. The group was skeptical that resistance on that scale was possible.

Regal explained that while he trusted them, before he could tell them more, he needed them to accomplish a mission. Regal’s team was primarily using pistols and old hunting rifles as their weapons. They have attempted to contact arms dealers to buy military grade weapons, but the smugglers refused to deal with them. The Bothan assumed the team’s underworld connection would let them complete the deal. He gave them coordinates to a shadowport called Quark’s Hold where the arms dealers operated.

The team set out with a 35,000cr credit line that the insurgents had scraped together. Jett checked a message he received, it was a video call from Dornyza Keel. A former comrade of his brother Fenn Logan, Dornyza heard about Jett’s incident at the Bounty office. She was ashamed of the way his actions were reflecting on the Ragnar Syndicate, and she thought he’d be better off dead. They attempted to stop in the rebel village before heading out of the system. However, a Onderonian patrol craft spotted The Gift’s unusual flight path and followed them. To avoid revealing the villages location the team left the planet immediately, and jumped to the shadowport. The port sat right outside the Onderonian system, in empty space.
As they approached Quark’s Hold and contacted flight control, they used Vorsk Orrander’s name to establish their credentials. They were given access, but also overheard some confused chatter that indicated there were problems on the station. They touched down in one of the landing bays, and waited for a representative to meet them. Minutes passed, and the group finally decided to go find someone. M@, Archaeon, and Dan Sear decided to explore the station while Kip, Krahkhoar, and Jett went to track down the arms dealers.
As they wandered into the heart of the station they found a large converted restaurant module that seemed to act as the heart of the shadowport. However the room was covered with half-assembled weaponry and the bodies of various aliens. Standing in the center of the carnage was Dornzya Keel. Jett asked why she was there, Dorrnzya had been hired to eliminate the dealers after they sold the same weapons to two different groups. After throwing some threats back and forth Jett asked where Fenn had gone. Dornzya briefly mentioned Naboo, but refused to provide any details. The whole station vibrated as several ships skimmed the station, Dornzya suggested the ships might be other spurned parties come to get even with the arms dealers.

Jett drew his rifle – but the Rodian was faster – she sprayed fire at the group. Jett was scorched, and once the flame and smoke had died down the bounty hunter was to the door on the other side of the room. Archaeon, and M@ hacked into one of the storage closets while looking around. Inside they found a hover loader, and some miscellaneous boxes. Instead of pursuing the Rodian hunter, Jett, M@, and Khrahkhoar looked through the nearby boxes to find the weapons they were sent for. They found several crates of KX-80 Repeating Blasters and decided those would due. They commed the others, and Dan Sear decided to run the hover loader over to the guns.
The whole station rocked, as the group saw in various spots hot orange lines slicing through the station walls. The walls blew in as pirates poured onto the station. Dan Sear knocked over one group with the hover loader, and rushed back to help M@, and Archaeon. Kip dashed away from the pirates and headed for the room’s third door. Jett rushed up to the group near him, and tossed a thermal detonator into their midst. He threw himself back as the explosion erupted and a bulkhead slammed down to cut the module off from the vacuum of space. M@, Archaeon, and Dan duck into the closet they had opened and sealed the door behind them. More pirates came from the door Dornyza had escaped through. Khrahkhoar dropped his crate and charged the group.

Archaeon began trying to fortify the door as thumps sounded outside. M@ and Dan – looking for anything useful – were dumbfounded by what they saw in the back of the room. An immaculate suit of powered armor, with blasters mounted on the shoulders, and attached to the wrists.

Proving Ground
Trust is a hard thing to come by.

hovertruck.jpgJett Logan, Kip Salvo, M@-33, and Dan Sear followed Ventik Widom out of the hole in the side of the Sleepy Rancor Cantina. Brom carried the unconscious Bim behind the group. Ventik activated his wrist communicator, as they all wound their way through the alleys near the cantina. As they reached a main road, a large hovertruck pulled up, and Ventik ushered them all into the back among the produce.

There Brom explained that Bim planted the data on Dan Sear when he realized that OSA agents were tracking them. They had planned to create a distraction and then recover the data. But it had all gone sour when the gunfight broke out. M@ and Kip were concerned about Bim and Brom’s tactics, and were curious about the data they were attempting to transport. Ventik warned that if the group really wanted to learn more, there would be no turning back.

Once the team agreed, Ventik had M@ process the data. M@ quickly saw that the data included prisoner records for two dozen people. It also included coordinates and a meeting time. When M@ wasn’t clear what he was looking at, Ventik explained that he and a few like minded friends had arranged for some political prisoners to be released. The prisoners were family members of influential leaders in Iziz, and being held as leverage by the Empire. Ventik explained that he worked with several other Onderonians who were unhappy with the Imeprial presence on the planet.
After the party said they were unhappy with the Empire, but nervous about doing something rash, Ventik invited them to talk with another friend of his. They disembarked from their transport – without Brom – and followed Ventik to a nondescript home. There they met a bothan named Regal. Ventik told how the group had saved the exchange details, and that they could be of help. Regal asked the team to prove their loyalties by providing security for the prisoner exchange. He explained they had paid off some Onderonian officials to arrange this release in secret. They were to meet a police transport in a remote part of the city and offload the prisoners. The PCs would take overwatch in a buidling on the south edge of the courtyard – and make sure things went smoothly.
Hours later the group stole into the office building that had been designated as their post. They took up positions looking over the courtyard and settled in to wait. Jett soon noticed activity in several of the other buildings – he immediately commed Ventik to warn him. Ventik confirmed that the other buildings were filled with friends performing the same role as the group. Moments later a hovertruck pulled into the courtyard, and Regal, Ventik, and Gaina Gufrai got out. They took position in the center of the courtyard, and minutes later an armored transport entered from the north of the courtyard. Three Onderonian police exited the vehicle and approached the trio.
As Regal began speaking with the three men Kip took a walk to the other side of the building. Looking out over the main boulevard leading to the courtyard he saw a chilling sight. A patrol of two dozen Onderonian Secret Police escorted by an AT-PT was headed directly for the meeting. Kip commed an alert to his allies, and Jett ran to intercept the patrol. Drawing a bead on the commander riding the AT-PT, Jett fired a devastating barrage that lanced through the man. M@ called down to Ventik, and told him that this meeting was a trap, that they needed to attack the guards, and escape in the personnel carrier. Ventik turned to Regal and said “Halla’s Free”. Without taking his eyes from Ventik, Regal drew a blaster and gunned down one of the men.

Chaos broke loose as Dan Sear sniped the other two guards in the square. The other secret police went prone as the AT-PT reflexively laid covering fire into the office building. Kip ran back to the rest of his team as the building exploded around him. Running past Dan Sear, he grabbed the grappling hook on the troopers belt, blasted out the window and leapt into the night air. The climbing line attached to the hook slowed Kip’s descent with a sudden jolt and sent him swininging towards the side of the building, as Dan struggled to stay on his feet.
Jett started running from window to window – blasting police – as the AT-PT continued to pour fire into the building in a vain attempt to stop him. Regal and Ventik began to prep the carrier, as Gaina returned to the hovertruck. Dan walked towards the window to allow Kip to touch down on the ground. Once down, Kip ran towards the center of the courtyard and secured the line, making a makeshift Zipline. As Jett noticed the police splitting up, he heard a resonant thump and saw a line emit from the AT-PT and then explode in the heart of the building. The whole structure let out a groan and shifted, it then began collapsing inward as Jett, M@ and Dan Sear started sliding down towards the destruction. Jett used his momentum to take a running leap out of a window, and fell stories down toward the zipline – barely grabbing it.

Dan Sear shoved M@ out the window, and then followed quickly after. As they slid down the line, the building finally folded inward slackening the rope. The two landed in a heap together, and began running towards the hovertruck. Knowing the police would soon be on them, Jett took a grenade and tossed it towards one of the buildings standing walls. The explosion caused the wall to topple outward and block the nearest entrance to the courtyard with rubble. Kip, and Jett went to the carrier as the other insurgents ran from their hiding places, into the courtyard. A blast of heavy lasers flew into the courtyard vaporizing two of the rebels, and injuring a wookie severely.
M@ dashed to the wookie, as Jett leaped into the carrier’s gun turret, and Dan Sear hopped into the back of the hovertruck. Police attempted to climb the rubble wall, but combined fire from Jett and Dan Sear killed a half dozen, and scattered the rest. The rebels ran to load onto the carrier and truck, while two others covered the remaining entrance to the yard. They traded blaster shots with the approaching police, as M@ helped the wookie into the hover truck. Once M@ and the others were on, Kip turned the carrier around and sped off, leaving the two remaining insurgents to escape on foot through a warehouse district.

Onderon Places
It's a tough world when everyone wants you dead

After dealing with Santara the team had to turn their attention to what had drawn them there originally: Grand Moff Laras. The high ranking Imperial had sent for Kip Salvo but they had no idea what his intentions were. Discovering the Moff’s motifs was Kip’s only chance of getting the Empire off the team’s back.

Silent Night
You better watch out, I'm telling you why

After bluffing their way into an Onderonian Security Bureau hanger, the team is met by a couple OSB agents. They are mistaken for an offworld team called in to handle a very dangerous vigilante plaguing Iziz: Nicolai Santara.

Ghosts of the Past
Some evils don't die, they just sleep


Gun Running
No money for nothing

After spending weeks hand refurbishing crates of junked blasters, the Gift arrived on Ord Mantell. And the team set to work finding a buyer for their wares.

Home and the Heart
Abusing power, or at least those in it

With Vahn Jerriko in tow, a crate filled with Spice, and a fresh reminder that M@-33 is wanted as stolen property, the team heads to the peaceful planet of Alderaan. A quiet refuge, and M@’s old home, they hope to profit from their recent gains and put his past to rest.

Dead in the Water, Part 3
I think this is our stop.

Slicer_TofG.jpgAfter getting the engine back on line Archaeon, Krahkhoar, M@-33, and Zerikus headed to a nearby damage control station to check the ship’s status. There they saw the station was occupied by a gang of thugs, who had gotten their hands on weapons. And in their midst was Vahn Jerriko, he was pleased to see the group and mentioned that he and his friends had found a way off the ship, a small freighter was being transported in the cargo hold. Vahn suggested that he’d take them along in trade for the ryll they were carrying. When Archaeon balked at the exploitation Jerriko’s thugs drew blasters. Before Jerriko could stop them a gunfight broke out in the confined space. The party escaped the damage control station and Zerikus tossed a grenade in to cover their retreat.

Just then a shudder lurched through the ship, and the PA system requested for any experienced pilots to report to the bridge. Hoping to help – Archaeon, Krahkhoar, M@, and Zerikus headed back to the bridge.

Jett Logan searched the unconscious form of Kip Salvo until he found a stimpack and jammed into the man’s thigh. Kip awoke with a gasp and the two examined the aftermath. The blast door had completely sealed off the observation deck from the freighter. Their escape chance gone, they commed the rest of the group and agreed to rendezvous at the Starry Night’s bridge.
As they reached the bridge they saw a planet now filled the viewscreen. The displays showed the Starry Night’s trajectory as near the point of no return for entering the planet’s atmosphere. None of the bridge crew could see any way to save the ship, and the ship’s computers were unable to run the evacuation protocol. Kip stepped up to the helm, and M@ began calculating possible vectors. Examining the data – and trusting his natural instincts – Kip angled the Starry Night to slingshot around the planet, and used the gravity pull of its twin moons to save the ship from entering the atmosphere. Snaking sharply between the planet and its moons the ship let out ominous groans. Anyone not strapped down was thrown to the ground and finally, as the Starry Night cleared the planet, a loud whine could be heard throughout the ship and it went into an aimless drift.

The bridge crew confirmed that two of the three engines were down, but everyone was amazed by the suicidal maneuver that had saved them all. One of the Imperial Commandos still stationed on the bridge thanked Kip, but let him know he would have to detain the smuggler. After returning to the Imperial escort, Lt. Dayton Janson had ordered that Kip be detained, and his acquaintances held for questioning. Kip insisted that it was a mistake and – in a spark of surprising sincerity – convinced the Commando it was all a mistake and that they should be free to go. The trooper agreed and the group quickly left the bridge.
After finding out about the freighter in the hold – the team made a beeline for the cargo bay. They reached it and found the doors blown open, inside they saw Jerriko’s thugs had beaten them in. Jett, Kip, Zerrikus, and Krahkhoar began sneaking up behind the thugs, while Archaeon rushed to the cargo bay control station. As they closed in, the party was noticed and a firefight ensued. The thugs began dropping but Jerriko kept up a fierce resistance. That is until Archaeon – using the bay’s cargo crane – dropped a cargo container on Vahn and his two remaining comrades.

Their victory secured, the team found their spice containers and started loading them onto the small YT-1760. However, before they even got the ship’s landing bay open the sound of blaster fire began echoing from the hold’s entrance. M@ went to scout the entrance, Jett started working on loading the ship, while Kip attempted to pull Vahn Jerriko out from the container that had pinned his legs and knocked him out.
Zerrikus noticed Imperial markings on the container Archaeon had dropped and decided to crack it open. Khrahkhoar climbed another stack of containers between the ship and the hold entrance. As Zerrikus opened the crate he found it loaded with military grade weapons, including grenades and a heavy E-Web blaster. Comming Archaeon, Zerrikus told him to prep the crane, and he began setting up the heavy repeater. M@ spotted a pack of Bloody Jesters being pursued by Stormtroopers, and they appeared to be heading into the heart of the hold. He ran back to what was quickly becoming an ambush point and climbed onto the container with Zerrikus. As the Jesters pushed deeper into the hold, Zerrikus signaled Archaeon, and the crane lifted the container Zerrikus and M@ were on high over the deck.

Zerrikus began laying a vicious base of fire into the approaching Jesters. As they looked for nearby cover they stopped right under Krahkhoar’s position. Krahkhoar leaped from his perch, with a wookie warcry, and both vibroblades drawn. He fell onto the Jesters and began slicing into them. A brutal three way fight broke out between the party, the Jesters and the Stormtroopers. The container now lifted, Kip was able to haul Jerriko back to the YT-1760, and he began helping Jett prep the mothballed freighter for flight.

M@ provided medical aid to Zerrikus as he took several hits from the pinned Jesters. Seeing threats everywhere one of the Stormtroopers fired a missile tube at the raised container. The missile hit home and the container came toppling to the deck, sending Zerrikus and M@ rolling to the ground. Noticing that each of the Jesters was carrying a large duffle bag, Krahkhoar dispatched one of the men, grabbed his bag and ducked into cover. Opening the bag – he saw it was filled with hard credits.

His controls now useless Archaeon began racing to the ship. Khrakhoar commed the rest of the group and let them know what the Jesters were carrying. Jett immediately dashed off the ship and headed towards the battle. Covering M@ as he attempted to revive Zerrikus Jett charged in. He and Krahkhoar drove back the Jesters and Stormtroopers, and recovered several of the bags. As Archaeon reached the freighter he was able to make the final changes to reconnect the engines. Kip powered up the engines as the stormtroopers focused their fire on Krahkhoar, M@, Jett, and Zerrikus. The YT-1760 lifted off and carefully set down on top of a nearby stack of containers. Carrying the bags, Zerrikus, and the E-Web – M@, Jett, and Krahkhoar rushed to the freighter’s loading ramp. They raced up it while blaster bolts splashed all around them. A missile impacted on the freighter’s side as Kip lifted the ship off.
They headed towards the cargo hold’s exterior loading bulkhead, but the team still had no idea how to open the doors and escape. M@ was able to revive Zerrikus, and Archaeon noticed an emergency release station at the base of one of the bulkheads. Knowing that anyone activating that wouldn’t make it back the team decided that someone would have to rig remote charges to blow the emergency release. It was still a dangerous task and no one agreed on who should make the run. Kip set down near the hatch and spun the landing ramp to face the emergency release. Before anyone could stop him, Zerrikus grabbed the charges and raced down the ramp. Just then the stormtroopers caught up with the freighter, and seeing a lone man in the open began spraying fire his way. Bolts took him in the leg and back and Zerrikus went rolling towards the emergency release. Barely able to move Zerrikus pulled himself behind the release console, as the troopers continued firing.

Jett attempted to run after Zerrikus, but was held back by Krahkhoar. Zerrikus commed for them to seal the ship, and before Kip could react a loud thump sounded. Kip smashed the hatch control button, as the freighter was pulled tumbling out to space by the sudden rush of vacuum.


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