Star Wars - Fires of Rebellion

Insurgency on Krant Pt. 1 - The Dragon's Den
See new places, meet new people

Now officially members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the team is assigned to assist a more experienced unit and learn how the Alliance operates. Their mission is on the farming world of Krant, a valuable Alliance operation in the Bothan sector. Faced with the prospect of working for months in the shadow of Imperial forces, the team is sent to meet the elite group that will be their mentors: The Krayt Dragons.

The Jewel of Yavin
The heist of a lifetime

With their initial investigation done, their mechanized foes defeated, the team has one last task on Bespin. Steal an unstealable gem from the most powerful people in the galaxy, out of one of the most secure facilities ever conceived. What could go wrong?

'Tis the Season
Some little helpers can only take things apart

A pack of unwelcome visitors just seems to be turning up at every corner.

One Last Job
Same work, new employer

After accepting the Alliance’s “generous” offer, the team is given a mission that can help prove their loyalties, and utilize their famed skillset. They are sent to Cloud City to steal a valuable gem, and rob its owner blind in the process.

Jail Break
Sometimes a reputation is more than it's worth

A Rebel Alliance SPECOPS team is assigned to an odd task: hunt down a group that has been at the heart of too many galactic incidents. After causing Alderaan and Onderon to devolve into anarchy, obliterating the Empire’s Wookie slavetrade, and gathering a large amount of material in a remote system, the Alliance has decided this group needs to be handled. Their actions have mainly hurt the Empire, but many Alliance personnel and interests have been collateral damage. If this group can’t be apprehended the SPECOPS team should eliminate them.

Neon Nights
A hardboiled week of drugs, plots, and betrayal

After a quest to outfit their new wookie army causes them to stumble into old allies on Tatooine, the team is sent to unravel a mystery on Nar Shaddaa. An initial case of mistaken identity tumbles into a descent through the deepest layers of the Smuggler’s Moon.

Freedom's Roar
A Wookie can only be pushed so far

After coming to an agreement with Commodore Aduro Scrye, investing their hard stolen earnings, and getting approach codes to Kashyyyk, the group headed for the blockaded world. Krahkhoar was eager to not only return home, but find a way to break the cycle of slavery that had been happening for so long.

Slaves to Money
Sometimes evil needs to be pulled out by the root

SwoopRacing-TSS.jpg Krahkhoar decides to do some digging on the man responsible for taking him from Kashyyyk. He tracks the man’s company to Taanab, and tells the group he’s found a great target for a scam. While the party sets to work finding out how to rob the man blind, Krahkhoar plans how to get even.

Burning Down
If you light the fuse, it will burn

After returning with the Rebel’s weapons, the team is sent on a final mission. Find out exactly why the Empire is so interested in Onderon. The Empire is doing something out in the jungle and no one has been able to discover what.

Worn Welcome
We'll just be going now.

Firefight-EotEUaBS.pngAs pirates poured into the central module of Quark’s Hold Krahkhoar dashed in among them – vibroblades humming – he tore through the surprised aliens. As attackers fell Jett Logan hammered shots into the rest, finishing off the group.

The closet door Archaeon, M@-33, and Dan Sear hid behind began to buckle under the weight of the attackers outside. M@ – with impressive speed – buckled on the remaining armor around Dan Sear. Dan Sear quickly activated the battle armor, and it’s HUD hummed to life as the shoulder mounted blasters calibrated. Archaeon cleared the door as Dan Sear stepped up. He kicked open the door revealing a horde of surprised pirates just a few feet away. Leveling his shoulder-mounted and wrist-mounted blasters, Dan Sear unleashed a hail of fire that flattened the nearest men. Shots pinged off Dan’s armor as the surviving pirates scrambled backwards from the door.

M@ charged out after Dan Sear and shoved the front row of pirates into the way of the others. Archaeon activated his stealth generator and dashed out as well. As he tried to make his way past the pirates he was bowled over and scrambled behind a nearby console. Khrahkhoar, Jett, and Kip dashed after the rodian bounty hunter. Khrahkhoar raced through the hallways attempting to reach the beleagured M@. Jett and Kip, however, stopped at a jagged hole cut by one of the still attached boarding tubes.

Stealthily creeping onto the ship, Jett moved towards the cockpit. Kip came barrelling after him loudly and a shout came from the cockpit. A large Aqualish came storming towards Kip. Completely ignoring the hidden Jett, the aqualish took a shot at Kip. Before he could take another, Jett gunned the pirate down.

From his position Archaeon noticed the sound of boots coming around the corner. Quickly moving to the console, he overrode the security settings and activated the nearby blast door just as another pirate came stumbling through. Dan Sear stepped out into the hallway, and angling his blunderbuss rifles in either direction he unleashed a devastating salvo which scythed through the pirates. M@ pushed forward, knocking out two more pirates; however as he came up to the intersection a man down the hallway leveled a large flechette gun at him. Before the doctor could react the man fired two large canisters that exploded into hundreds of pieces of shrapnel. M@ was shredded and flew backwards with his chassis perforated. Khrahkhoar came up behind the pirate and – with vicious, downward slashes – opened up the man’s back with his vibroswords. The pirate crumpled and Khrahkhoar grabbed the man’s flechette launcher.

The pirate near Archaeon – cut off from his allies – banged on the blast door. However the door’s security failsafe was activated electrocuting the man and sending him flying. Archaeon raced over, and drawing his force pike, drove it through the man. Dan Sear moved up to stand protectively over M@, and blast the lone pirate still standing. Noticing Khrahkhoar, Dan Sear lifted his hand to wave but was engulfed in flame. He and M@ were sucked out into the vacuum of space. Khrahkhoar desperately drove his claws into a nearby generator and held on as the pull of vacuum threatened to tear him loose. With impossible reactions he grabbed the grappling hook from his pack and hurled it towards where Dan Sear had been. The blast door slid shut, catching the remaining rope and sending Khrahkhoar falling to the deck. Archaeon had a moment to leap into a nearby closet and seal the door before the pull of vacuum could tear him out.

As Jett and Kip settled into the pirate ship’s cockpit they saw ships battling around the station. A fighter was facing several freighters, and stray shots were striking the defenseless station. Khrahkhoar raced back towards the freighter Jett had commandeered, and rounded the corner to see several pirates in front of the boarding tube. He let a flechette fly in their direction, which exploded behind them. As they leveled their blasters at the wookie, Jett opened the tube and gunned them down with a hail of fire.

Dan Sear flew away from the station, vaguely catching sight of something metal to his side as he flipped end over end. Angling his blasters away, Dan fired them and went flying towards the metal object. As he struck it he wrapped his arms around the object. His momentum was suddenly halted as a rope attached to the object pulled taught. Getting a better look at the object Dan saw it was M@’s ruined chassis. Using the rope, Dan Sear began pulling them both back towards the Hold. Archaeon found a EVA suit in the storage closet and quickly geared up. Protected, Archaeon moved out to the hallway and jetted towards the rent in the station’s hull. Moving up to the hole he saw the line snaking out, and Dan Sear making his way back in. He pulled Dan and M@ back inside.

Khrahkhoar rushed onboard and Kip pulled the freighter away as Jett blasted at the other freighters. One of the ships began firing at the trio as Kip touched the boarding tube to the top of the Hold’s central unit. Khrahkhoar dropped through and started loading the weapon crates onboard.

As Dan Sear made it back into the station another shot impacted behind the group – blowing them into the Gift’s hangar. Dan shielded the other two from the blast, resulting in the back of his armored suit being melted open.


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