Jace Kelly

A young Alliance soldier with a heart of gold


19 years old, pale-skinned with dark hair and a wiry frame.


Jace Kelly grew up listening to the constant vid-calls and comm chatter from his father’s trading connections. Being next in line to inherit a respectable trading business, Jace had been been brought up learning the finer points of striking the perfect deal from his father: Rayland Kelly.

His father always emphasized that, as long as both parties were respectful and open to negotiation, a mutually beneficial arrangement could always be found. This business philosophy garnered the loyalty and business of many customers and partners both on their home world of Ganthel.

The Kellys were early supporters of the Empire after Imperial forces cleaned up the slaver problems for which the planet was notorious. However. as increasingly larger taxes were levied against the planet, Jace and his father found that reaching that “perfect deal” started to become infeasible.

Jace’s late night mercantile lessons turned into listening to his father bemoan the economic bind in which the Empire had placed their business. Meetings with Imperial Governor Torland and communications with his contacts in Coruscant had no effect.

Finally, after getting fed up listening to his father’s continuing lament, Jace decided he would do something about his family’s crisis, himself. After a short conversation with one of his father’s “Private Military” contacts, Jace took up his grandfather’s old slugthrower rifle, hugged his mom, and enlisted in the armed forced of the Alliance.

Jace Kelly

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