Star Wars - Fires of Rebellion

The Tierfon Outpost, Part 7

After Buurski, Crix Vane, Kip Salvo, and M@-33 watched Security escort Kos, the Tarnished away, they immediately made their way over to speak with Lorn Tull. Much had changed at the Tierfon Outpost since they left just a few weeks ago, and they needed to get to the bottom of it.

Lorn Tull informed the team that Major Beillaine had brought on 300 new recruits during their absence, but not the usual sort of Rebel recruits they were familiar with at the Outpost. These recruits were all large brutes, and 200 of them were strictly security. The other 100 recruits were sent out to reinforce the “scouting” missions (which the group knew to really be mining missions to gather more of the substance the Tera’Kan’s called “fala”). They asked who the leader was of the new recruits and, while Tull was not positive if there was actually a leader, he did say they all seemed to follow the orders of a man named Dorian Dyser.

The group heard over the intercoms that all personnel were to report above ground. The Team knew this was for all to witness the punishment that was to be rendered upon Kos. They all made their way up separately as they witnessed Kos being strapped to a post, his naked back exposed outward. Major Beillaine was nowhere to be seen, however, as Kos’ sentencing was announced through the intercom as Beillaine apparently watched from his quarters.

The punisher was even more burly than the brutish recruits that they had been seeing throughout the outpost. He flexed his arms and back, lashed the air a couple times, then immediately turned towards Kos and barely paused before rapidly administering the first 3 lashes on Kos’ back. The wounds from the lashes would have been vicious even under normal circumstances, however Kos made the wounds even more ghastly through his subtle use of the Force by increasing the visual effect of the lashes on his back. Flesh peeled away and blood poured down his back and on to the ground around him as he remained firm and didn’t utter a sound.

CRACK CRACK CRACK… three more lashes shredded his flesh and muscle and blood began to spray outward and even reach the feet of the crowd, who were at least 10 feet away from the post. Several onlookers began to turn away, while others were in disbelief of the horror they were witnessing. Still, Kos made no sound. He gave no satisfaction the punisher or to Beillaine.

Unease rippled through the crowd as Kip snaked his way to a group of thugs, seemingly focused around one man in particular: Dorian Dyser. Kip engaged in conversation and, when Dyser commented that Kos would not last all 15 lashes Kip proposes a wager that Kos would. Dyser laughs and takes the bet as they are interrupted by 3 more thunderous successive cracks of the whip. This time Kos let out a grunt, despite himself… and Buurski could take it no longer. Buurski leapt upon the stage and grabbed the wrist of the punisher before he could swing down with the whip again. Beillaine ordered Buurski to release the man’s arm, lest he be the next one strapped to the post and Kos whispered to Buurski to let the punishment continue… that he needed to do this. Buurski agrees, but demands that Beillaine at least show himself for the conclusion of the punishment and Beillaine obliges… but not until Dyser took the stage and ripped the whip away from the punisher.

Dyser, with his back towards Kos, smiles then rapidly turned and released a torrent of lashes… he reached 15, but then he kept going! 16… 17… then suddenly Kos turned and reached out with his maimed arm and the white ghostly appearance of an arm protruded from the stump where his arm had been and grabbed the whip from Dyser. Kos then turned the whip back on Dyser, mercilessly whipping him into submission.

Amidst the confusion, Beillaine had made his way back below deck and to his quarters. An enraged Kos ripped himself free and made his way down to Beillaine’s office… only to find himself confronted by a half dozen armed brutes guarding the entryway to Beillaine’s door. Kos attacked without a moment of hesitation, wielding his Lightsaber pike and flowing through the Force to make his way through the Guards. One-by-one they feel, but it was not without a cost as Kos took blow after blow, weakening with each advance he made from his injuries. One Brute managed to land a critical strike on Kos right before his own demise, resulting in permanent damage and the loss of one of Kos’ eyes.

While this was going on, M@ notified Buurski that the Imperials had pinged the transmitter the Rebels had bugged. They made their way over to the device and M@ was able to decipher the message, which was coordinates of the Tierfron Post being broadcast to the Empire. M@ tried to intercept the message to change the coordinates but was unable to do so. With the Empire now on its way, Buurski knew they were going to need reinforcements so he sent a message to the Tier’kon with his Tailring. While analyzing the transceiver, M@ was able to determine that the message had been sent to the Empire by the Chief Physician, Tana Youth. They made their way below to confront him.

Kos hacked through Beillaine’s keypad access to his quarters, and also sabotaged it so that it could not be easily opened again from the outside… and entered the room. He immediately binded Beillaine using the Force and Beillaine just stood there in the middle of the room unable to move. Hatred burned within Kos. Kos looked around the room and found a used spoon on Beillaine’s desk and grabbed it, then used it to remove one of Beillaine’s eyes. An eye for an eye. Beillaine begged and pleaded for his life, for Kos to stop this, but Kos responded by raising his arm and holding it towards Beillaine… and then he released he destructive powers of the Force upon Beillaine, then removed the bind so that Beillaine’s lifeless body could slump to the floor. Kos opened his comms and broadcasted a single line to the rest of the Team: “Beillaine is dead”, and he then closed the line. Kos approached Beillaine’s workstation and sent a message to the Rebel fleet to let them know what was going on and what had happened at the Tierfon Outpost. He requested immediate assistance from the Rebellion to take back the outpost from the thugs. While in the system he was able to transfer 20,000 credits out of Beillaine’s account and in to his own.

Buurski linked back up with Salvo and they, along with M@ and Crix, made their way to Tana Youth’s location. Youth saw them approaching and immediately fled. Buurski gave chase through the base and closed in on the Physician, and finally had him corned when they hit a dead end at the opening of the Outpost that lead to a deep dropoff down the side of the cliff. The Physician clearly was more afraid of the Empire than the Rebels before him because he decided to jump rather than risk capture. Buurski was too far away to stop him but tried to catch him using the Force, but when he reached out the only thing he could latch on to was the Physician’s belt… which unfastened and remained suspended in the air while the Physician plummeted to his doom in the canyon below.



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