Star Wars - Fires of Rebellion

The Tierfon Outpost, Part 8

The chase of Tana Youth through the halls of the Tierfon Outpost had captured the attention of several of the new armed thugs, and a half-dozen of them arrived at the outpost opening just in time to see Buurski with his arm outstretched towards the ledge just as Tana Youth toppled over the side. The others who had been in pursuit, Crix Vane and Kip Salvo, appeared to be standing idly by as Buurski, presumably, pushed the Chief Physician over the edge to his death. Before the Rebels could have a chance to explain themselves the thugs raised their weapons and ordered them to “halt!”. Salvo was having no part of taking orders from these intruders, and he charged directly at the cluster of guards and one of them fired a shot at the charging rebel. Although Kip was able to reflect the blast, the impact was so hard that it sent him, too, pummeling off the ledge and down to the pits below. The action happened so quickly that there was nothing Buurski or Crix could do to either stop Kip from attacking or keep him from flying over the side from the impact.

Buurski and Crix had to remain focused on the thugs since they showed no signs that they had any intentions of letting the rebels leave the engagement still breathing. They were outnumbered and outgunned, and the unmistakable sound of footprints of more guards could be heard approaching them from the hall. Crix tossed a grenade into the cluster of thugs with deadly precision, knocking all six of them from their feet and temporarily obstructing their vision, and Buurski seized the opportunity by grasping Crix by his collar and acrobatically hoisting both Crix and himself from the platform up to the top deck. By the time the guards regained their awareness the rebels were gone and they had no clue where they had gone.

Kip found himself hurling towards the canyon below just as an X-Wing on a training run was approaching. He was able to reach out and grab on to a wing right as it passed by, saving himself from certain death… although he was now hanging for life from an X-Wing with the pilot unaware of his presence so he was not out of the woods yet. Kip tried to get the astromech droid to relay a landing request to the pilot however the droid, not entirely trusting the man who fell from the sky and latched on to the ship, only guided the X-Wing close enough to the Outpost that Kip could fall without injuring himself, which he did. Upon landing atop the Outpost he made a bee-line towards the elevator to head back down below to rendezvous with the rest of the team.

When the elevator doors opened below deck Kip is shocked to find the Head Engineer, Randal Spar, being beaten by a couple thugs and no one doing anything about it. Without hesitation Kip killed both of the thugs and saves Spar from the onslaught. He asked Spar where the rest of the Engineers were and sends Spar to get them, telling him it was time they took the Outpost back. Spar also informed Kip that something had interfered with the water main at the base of the Outpost, and Kip knew this was likely the Tier’kon answering their call and arriving to offer assistance. Finally some good news.

On the other side of the base, Kos decided it was time to exit Beillaine’s office and comms to the group that he is heading their way but is abruptly cut short when he finds himself confronted by Dyser, Dyser’s sidekick, and a host of thugs who had gone to check on the Major. Dyser wasted no time asking questions and reach for his blaster but Kos instinctively binded him and Dyser found himself unable to move. Dyser’s unassuming sidekick was able to move, however, and he drew large blaster and fired a shot right at Kos’ face, a direct hit which essentially disintegrated Kos’ other eye, leaving the Gand blind and withering in pain. His only hope was that help would make its way there, and quickly.

Buurski and Crix had just entered the lower level of the Outpost through the emergency stairwell when they received the strange message from Kos. As they entered the main area they saw the Head of Security, Lorn Tull, and the rest of his Security Team in a firefight with a host of thugs and Buurski was torn between his sense of duty to protect the rebels and the sinking feeling he had that something had gone wrong with Kos. He made the difficult decision to leave the Security Team to battle it out for themselves and ran off to where Beillaine’s office was, with Crix following him there. As he turned the corner he was aghast to find a bloodied and beaten Kos on the ground surrounded by Dyser and a half-dozen thugs. Buurski immediately comm’d over to Kip and told him they were going to need his help and then sprung down the hall to defend Kos. He gravely wounded two of the thugs and then took a defensive stance over Kos to shield them from the ensuing counter-attacks. As Buurski defensively ducked and weaved to avoid the blows, a host of thugs arrived from the other direction, all of them carrying Therm-Axes similar to Buurski’s. Crix lobbed a grenade into the cluster of oncoming thugs and the blast impeded the progress of the thugs, momentarily, while also inciting the fire alarms which triggered the sprinkler system, causing all of the Therm-Axes to de-ignite, including Buurski’s.

Suddenly, the booming voice of Major Beillaine could be heard from around the corner… ordering the mob to cease and explain what was going on. This was particularly confusing for Kos, Buurski, and Crix since they all knew Beillaine to be dead and his body in his office. Beillaine informed the group that they were needed above deck as quickly as possible because there was a bomb threat and they needed to identify the location of the device before it was set off. Despite Dyser’s protests, he eventually took his squad to inspect the situation, leaving three of his thugs behind to escort the now-handcuffed Buurski, Crix, and Kos to their holding cells to await his return for punishment. As soon as the group departed the figure of Beillaine appeared from around the corner… however, something was off… and suddenly the robust form reshaped in to that of Kip, and just as suddenly deadly bolts of lightning burst from his fingertips causing the three thugs to fall to the ground and convulse until the only thing still causing their bodies to move was the surges of lightning coursing through their lifeless forms.

Kip made his way to his teammates who were still a bit in shock from what had just transpired, and he released their shackles. They all re-acquired their weapons and gear off the bodies around them and Buurski reached down and grabbed an additional Therm-Axe from the clutches of one of the bodies, and the Team made their way back towards the heart of the base.



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