The Team

Archaeon (Retired)

A technical wiz, who always finds a way to let machines solve his problems.

Aust (Crippled, Recovering)

An Imperial deserter looking for redemption.

Jett Logan

A ruthless assassin, and bounty hunter

Kip Salvo (Presumed MIA)

A fast talking, loud mouthed smuggler, with a silver tongue.

Kos the Tarnished

A Gand on a journey of self discovery, looking to find himself and a name.


A mysterious warrior who was living in exile until he found a cause to believe in once again.

Krahkhoar (Reassigned)

A blood thirsty exslave, looking to payback some of the misery he’s endured.


A straight forward medical droid with an uncompromising view of the galaxy.

Zerikus (Presumed Dead)

A former aristocrat, who turned mercenary.

The Team

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